What is LootCrate?


SomeGadgetGuy has proudly partnered with LootCrate.com to offer readers of this blog a special promo code!

LootCrate is a subscription mystery box service, where each month a theme is picked, and a crate is dropped off on your doorstep chock full of collectibles, toys, t-shirts, and more! It’s a terrific service for geeks and gamers, and makes for a fun gift for that sci-fi or fantasy fan in your life.

Each crate is less than $20 after shipping, but readers of this blog can save an additional 10% at checkout by using the promo code SGLOOT!

I personally have a lot of fun with this service, and I hope you’ll check them out!


Here’s an unboxing of a LootCrate to see what kind of stuff might be in your next crate!

We got a behind the scenes tour of the LootCrate offices!

LootCrate Warehouse