Funny satirical ‘Honest Cable Company’ Commercial blocked in Canada.

Oh Canada.

Apparently this video, which skewered how cable companies and ISP’s do business ruffled some feathers, and it’s currently blocked due to a defamation complaint up north. Bummer. It’s also frustrating as it calls into question how companies can silence dissent and satire using these automated copyright and defamation tools. Recently, several of my videos were flagged because I included a clip of Night of the Living Dead in them. NotLD is in the public domain, but someone copyrighted a new work incorporating part of the clip I used, but I digress.

I’ll have to save this ire for a proper rant editorial. Honestly I’m just covering this story to re-post this video which makes me laugh. That and I’m currently going through some issues with Time Warner Cable, and this is hitting particularly close to home at the moment. Enjoy (unless you’re in Canada)!

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  1. I actually saw this satire while I was in Canada this summer. I can see why it would have hit language warnings. In Canada this blocking may be a good thing. The defence against defamation is truth. You can say truth even if it hurts. So the companies may just end up proving in court that this video is true. That would be GREAT!

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