Ask Juan: How useful are 41MP pics from the Lumia 1020 when uploading to Facebook, Instagram, etc?

nokia lumia 1020 pureview camera test video samples somegadgetguyA wonderful question from one of my YouTube viewers, Will F.

“What are your thoughts about the images with respect to sharing? At sharing size (Facebook, etc), only so much detail is really visible. It seems like the 1020 would be overkill in these situations, especially since you have to do a little extra work to get the full size images off of the phone. My only real gripe about this phone is the slow shot-to-shot time.”

Let’s take a look at some pics from the 1020, and see if we can address Will’s concerns about the camera!

Click here for high definition video samples from the Lumia 1020!

9 Replies to “Ask Juan: How useful are 41MP pics from the Lumia 1020 when uploading to Facebook, Instagram, etc?”

  1. Why has CNET suddenly decided to always go against windows phone 8?. The 1050 has a 41 mp sensor but uses oversampling to take higher quality 5 mp images, these are the ones you would upload to any social sites. Then the other day you did a compare review between the iphone 5c and windows phone and you choose the cheapest Nokia phone. one that is 1/5 of the price!!! Its like your on Google’s or Apples payroll. Jesus this is simple stuff…

  2. Hey really enjoy all your reviews man, I feel like you are the only one who knows what he is talking about. Also its great to see a reviewer paying more attention on Nokia where as most just focus on iphones and galaxies. Anyhow thanx for all the updates on the 1020 and hope to see more 1020 pictures and videos :D

    1. Happy to actually cover ALL tech LOL. Just fair warning, you’ll see Android and iOS coverage here too, but Windows Phone is pretty legit. I think it would be irresponsible to not give a gorgeous phone like the 1020 a fair review.

    1. No. That was CNET too. They compared the iPhone 5C to the Lumia 520. The iPhone 5C is $100 on a two year contract, but $500 off contract. The 520 is around $100 off contract. Basically they said “Both phones are $100”, which is a vile misrepresentation of the market.

  3. Hey a quick question, my friend is planning to buy a Lumia 920, he currently owns a HTC one X. The only reason he wants to buy the lumia is because of the camera. Do u think its worth it? Do you think the camera is alot better than HTC one X?

    1. Interesting. I think the 920 camera is noticeably better, it also has wireless charging, but the rest of the phone might be a lateral move. From a performance standpoint it should run a little smoother than Android. It’s tough to say “worth it” with two phones so evenly matched, but if the camera is what he cares about most I think he’ll like it. If he can wait, it might be worth waiting for the 1520 announcement and seeing if it drops the price of the 1020 at all.

  4. Hey, can explain to me what the aspect ratio exactly mean? Cos i thought 16:9 is a better quality setting but for mu surprise when i took a pic with 4:3 ratio the picture was more larger than of 16:9. 16:9 was only almost 2mb where as 4:3 picture was almost 3mb. I took some pics with my friends 920 and in some of the pics there were some noise and the pixels were sorta visible. It was in bright day light. Im not worried about the noise because i boosted up the exposure maybe that boosted the ISO too but im worried about the pixels. Also what is the difference between 25fps and 30fps? Thanx for all the support man i really appreciate it :)

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