Etsy Find: Tablet Stand – Birch – Bent Plywood

Tablet Stand - Birch - Bent Plywood etsy

I’m a sucker for clean, fashionable gadget accessories and bags. Geek is chic, and we’re seeing some really cool ways to incorporate technology into our daily lives. If you can add in things like natural fibers, leather, or wood I’m sold.

Scouting the Etsy, I stumbled onto this simple piece from Ciseal, a bent wood tablet stand. It’s simple, attractive, unadorned, and very clean looking. Also, happily, it’s not custom built for any one specific tablet, looking like it’ll handle just about any iPad sized slate.

The $80 price tag might be a bit steep, but if you’re into supporting you’re local craftsman, and you want something which looks a little nicer than the overseas plastic we can get for cheap, it could be worth checking Ciseal out.

Tablet Stand – Birch – Bent Plywood