Review: Toast Wood Cover for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

toast in portland wood phone case cover galaxy note 2 somegadgetguyI like finding quirky, new, and unique accessories for personalizing our technology. Toast in Portland is one of my favorite finds this year. Using wood and leather surfaces which are laser cut and engraved to precisely fit our phones and our personalities.

Let’s take a look at how I turned my Galaxy Note 2 into a wooden phone!

For more info check out:
My interview with Toast CEO Matias Brecher:

3 Replies to “Review: Toast Wood Cover for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2”

  1. This is cool! I’m interested to see if they work with any of the beautiful exotic woods. I wonder, though, if dirt will wind up lodging in all of those small crevices over time, particularly around the corners.

    1. Oh I’m sure some gunk will get caked in there, but I don’t think it would be much more egregious than what would’ve gotten caked into the actual device, or all the gunk which ends up under my phone when I use a rugged case. As for the woods, I’m not sure exactly what they use, but I know they stock stained woods and bamboo. Really interesting vibe.

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