Ask Juan: How the hell do you remove an OtterBox Defender Rugged Case?

otterbox defender case ask juan help how to remove take off somegadgetguyA couple months ago I did a three part series on my favorite line of rugged cases, the Defender from OtterBox (linked below this video). Even though I showed in detail pretty every feature of the case, and how to install one, I missed one crucial aspect in all three reviews.

How do you take the darn thing off? Good thing my Youtube viewers call me out on stuff…

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14 Replies to “Ask Juan: How the hell do you remove an OtterBox Defender Rugged Case?”

  1. Thank you. I had to watch the last part several times to see where to apply pressure. I was able to slip a store card into the crack and then apply thumb pressure. Very helpful to know to slip out the iPad once the bottom tabs are open.

  2. i spilled water on my iPad and it is trapped beneath the clear cover. Do i need to remove the Otterbox to dry it out,or will it gradually dry out – like my watches used to when they got wet! Thanks.

    1. Oh yeah Barbara I would get that case off. It’ll take a LOT longer for the water to evaporate, and it’ll increase the likelihood that water will damage your ipad. Best of luck!

  3. I’ve been looking everywhere to find a way to take this off and I still can’t get it off. I can seem to get the side clips un clipped but I can only do it on one side and then when I try to get the corner clips off they won’t budge. I almost chipped a tooth trying to get this case off! This video is really helpful but I still can’t get it off.

  4. Juan, you are the fkg man! And your intro, I haven’t laughed that hard since my wife… never mind. Thanks, bud.

  5. I have the old otter box for my mini ipad. 4 clips I can’t work to open. Please show a video as well as all the other openings of otter box. HELP.

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