AT&T drops price of Lumia 920 to 99 cents on two year contract

nokia lumia 920 on sale 99 cents att somegadgetguyOk. Here’s the scoop. The Nokia Lumia 925 might be newer, slimmer, and sexier. The 925 also has more current software as we’re still waiting out AT&T to offer an update for the 920. Even with all those points against it, I still happen to prefer the chunkier 920 over the svelte 925. The rounded the contours, I like a little meat on her bones you know? Plus that girth comes with twice the on board storage of the 925 and the ability to charge wirelessly without an additional sled accessory. It’s all built in.

With the release of the Lumia 1020 and the 1520 right around the corner, the 9xx series phones are now certainly mid-range devices, but pricing is starting to fall into entry-level territory. Picking up a Lumia 920 on a two year contract will now only cost you 99 cents up front. That’s not bad at all for my second favorite camera ever built into a smartphone.  If you’re shopping an entry level phone, the experience on Windows Phone often crushes similarly priced Android fare, and the cameras on Nokia phones are always second to none.

(via AT&T)