Windows 8.1 Update Starts Rolling out Today

LB_8705Here it comes folks!

Microsoft’s refresh to the operating everyone hated (until they started using it). Be on the lookout for the update to trickle out to your Windows Store app. Windows 8.1 fixes some bugs and improves the ModernUI, allowing for smaller live tiles and easier gestures to slide up to your app drawer. There also improvements under the hood to things like multi-monitor support. Nice little clean up job on  top of Windows 8’s better file management and resource management and quick boot up time.

Those of you looking to upgrade a Windows 7 machine can buy a license directly to 8.1, but while boxes are on the shelves, it’s cheaper to buy a Windows 8 upgrade instead of a Windows 8.1 full license.

Those of you already on Win8, go hit the update and enjoy all of the new live-tile-y goodness!