AT&T Shows Android Some Love With U-Verse App, Live TV

u-verse app for androidIt’s always a bit of a bummer when an app or service is a platform exclusive. I mean I get it why so many services are developed for iOS first, but that waiting for an app on Android can be killer. Whelp, if you’re a U-Verse subscriber, but you’re using an Android phone or tablet, looks like AT&T is finally showing you some love.

Not only will you have the ability to control your DVR and browse on demand content, you’ll be able to watch live TV on more than 20 channels anywhere you have a data connection. Plus, more channels will be added in the future. Not a bad little value add, and now us droids can play too.

So AT&T… With all the cool Lumia gear you guys sell… When might we see a U-Verse app for Windows Phone? That Lumia 1520 has a pretty sweet screen

(via AT&T)