App Review: Top Task List for Windows Phone 8

050Go! Go! Go! It seems like all of us are on the go and multitasking throughout the day. Sometimes we overlook a simple or important task. I believe some organization is called for and the Top Task List app for Windows phones is here to do the trick!

Top Task List was created by Vladimir Pogrebinsky who really thought through of all the details for the functionality of this app. For each and every task, project or reminder   you can organize them by color, date and order of importance. You can pin your task as a tile to your home screen for a quick view to see what needs to get done as well as choosing a custom color for that specific tile. As far as creating your new task is concerned, I will tell you that it is easy breezy! You simply press the add button and begin creating your new task. When creating your new task you will see plenty of options to organize your new task. You can name your new task then add a note and even add a specific person or place to your new task. Another great feature is that you can take a quick photo to add to your task and the ability to add a specific task or a folder to the lockscreen.

You can add sub folders to the main folder which is very useful. Top Task List has a dark theme and a light theme which are both free and there are no ads! How awesome is that? Pretty awesome! When you are checking on your tasks in your folder a quick swipe down on the screen will allow you to add a new task pretty quick. Top Task List does have a sync feature for your SkyDrive and there are 2 price tiers. For $1.99 you can sync your tasks safe and edit them using Excel or the browser. The second price tier is $4.99 which has all the features of the first option and it is sponsored and helps keep the coffee flowing for the publisher!

Key Features of Top Task List:

• Ad free dark and light themes
• Steamlined UI that rocks
• Custom tile colors
• Color coding tasks
• Great selection of options when creating a task
• SkyDrive option
• Lockscreen ability
• Shake phone to remove completed tasks

All in all the Top Task List app for Windows Phones is a great app. It is very easy to use, looks awesome, and has plenty of customization options. The app itself could use a ringtone alarm reminder, but let’s remember the starting price of this app (FREE!!!!). If you have a busy schedule and need a little help getting back on track organizing your daily duties then I would check out Top Task List app for Windows Phone.

Top Task List for Windows Phone

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