New YouTube options for channel owners, merging comments with Google Plus.

YouTubeIt looks like YouTube will be rolling out some new useful features for its channel owners in hopes to curb the trolls when comments are made on a channel.  There is nothing like going to see what new content your favorite YouTube channel has posted and seeing rude or degrading comments that may discourage the channel owner and friends of that YouTube channel. After all it is the internet and trolling is inevitable. Could this be the end of the Wild West like trolling? Possibly.

YouTube will be giving channel owners more options to moderate and block comments while a new sorting system will move the most relevant discussions to the top making for a better engagement with your subscribers. The new options can be customized for each YouTube viewer. Each YouTube user will be able to start a new conversation which will only be seen by their friends on Google+,their subscribers and an option to follow a particular thread by Gmail.

With these new options in place you will have the ability to block certain words to help keep a family friendly environment on your YouTube channel with another option of auto approving comments from your favorite subscribers and friends on Google+. I believe these new options will make for a better YouTube experience.

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