Youtubers post petition on to return old commenting system.

YouTubeDo you like Youtube’s new comment system? Were you able to navigate the merger of YT and Google Plus?

As we reported on yesterday, Google has slapped the two together, much to the chagrin of a large number of Youtubers. Now I like G+ and I post videos on YT, so you’d think this would be Peanut Butter Jelly Time! Unfortunately, this transition has been handled fairly clumsily, so badly in fact it’s rather easy to accidentally make all of your videos disappear. My personal beef comes from the fact that the accounts populate information in one direction.

See I have a YT account with a user image and full of all of my info. Creating a G+ account to tie it to, Google does not pull my info from YT to populate my new G+ account, it instead pulls the info from G+ to populate your new-ish Youtube account.

“But Juan, you don’t have any info in that new G+ account.”

Exactly. My established YT account gets replaced by an empty G+ account. I’ve since cut and paste and re-populated all that mess, because I have to to keep this blog running, but it was a pain.

If you’re unhappy with the switch to the new commenting system, a mysterious user named John Doe has posted a petition to Appropriate as Google made some of these changes to quell the douchbaggery fueled by the anonymity afforded users on YT. You’ll get to feel like you’re actually doing something with your internet rage, and Google will probably completely ignore it. Hey, it’s not like we’re all running off to some other video sharing service right?

Google: Change the Youtube comment section back to its original form