FreedomPop adds Bring Your Own Phone option to free Smartphone plan

freedompop free smartphone plan screenshot somegadgetguyFreedomPop is a plucky MVNO which uses Sprint’s network to offer up a potentially market disrupting service. Namely plans starting at FREE per month. Yup. They’re bare minimum plans: 200 minutes, 500 texts, 500MB of data. Still, did I mention that you get all that for free?

Stepping up to plans with more minutes are reasonably priced. Their top plan includes 500MB of monthly 4G data and unlimited calling/texting for around $11 a month.

Until now, the only phone you could use on the plan was an old HTC EVO 4G (also reasonably priced for $100 for a limited time), but now FreedomPop is expanding to older Sprint phones. You can bring your own device to the table and sign up for free. Currently the supported pickings are slim: HTC EVO 4G, HTC EVO 3D, Samsung Epic 4G, Samsung Epic 4G Touch, Samsung Galaxy S III and LG Optimus S. We should see more phones added soon however.

If you have one of these older handsets kicking around, it might be worth it to sign up just to have a spare number use.

Check to see if your phone is compatible at: