AT&T offering Amber Alert GPS child locator for $129.99

Amber-Alert-GPS-BWe live in a crazy world. Parents face difficult choices in what tools they might use to help protect their children. You might not be able to keep your eyes on your kids all the time, but that’s where data services can help fill in some of the gaps.

Amber Alert GPS is a small puck which fits in the palm of your hand. It logs GPS data on your child’s location, and can communicate that info to you over its own cell phone data connection. The unit also includes a two-way voice call option, parent or child can call each other at any time and communicate over voice service. Any time the child feels like she or he might be in danger, they can hit an SOS panic button which will send alerts to up to ten individuals over text or email.

It seems like a handy piece of gear for monitoring your family members. Small, lightweight, easy to throw into a backback or a pocket. AT&T is now carrying the Amber Alert GPS for $129.99, and to utilize the data and voice features will only cost an additional $10 a month on a family share plan.

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Amber Alert GPS Available to AT&T Customers for $129.99

Unlimited Voice, Email Notification System Helps Parents and Children to Stay In Touch

Dallas, Texas, November 18, 2013

Parents can now rest a little easier when their children are out of sight. AT&T today announced it will carry the Amber Alert GPS product, a communication and location device that helps parents keep in touch with their children. StartingNovember 22, it will be available online and in AT&T’s flagship Michigan Avenue retail location. Customers can purchase the Amber Alert GPS product for $129.99.

For a look at the inside story on the Amber Alert GPS product, check out this video.

The Amber Alert GPS product is a smart GPS locator with two-way calling and unlimited voice on AT&T’s wireless network, allowing parents to locate and communicate with their children for just $10 a month with a standalone plan or as part of an AT&T Mobile Share plan. Weighing just 1.5 ounces, children can easily carry it in a pocket or backpack, in addition to a variety of other attachment options.

The smart tracker allows children to talk to their parents whether they are checking in from the neighborhood park or lost in a shopping mall.  Speed Alerts notify users when their child is in a vehicle exceeding a predetermined speed threshold. Parents can automatically receive location alerts with the Breadcrumbing feature, keeping them up-to-date on their child’s location based on a preset schedule. They can also create “Zones” around their home, neighborhood, school, soccer field, etc., and receive an email alert whenever their child enters or exits a Zone.  Additionally, the Amber Alert GPS product will send an email message to parents when the child presses the call button, acting as a secondary alert that the child is trying to connect with their loved ones.

“Amber Alert GPS offers so many features that help parents and children stay in touch, regardless of the situation,” said Chris Penrose, senior vice president, Emerging Devices, AT&T Mobility. “It’s portable and convenient for children to carry around with them, allowing them to still be kids.”

“We are extremely excited to collaborate with AT&T to bring our solution to today’s active families,” said Alan Baratz, CEO, Amber Alert GPS. “Letting our children explore their world can be a tough thing to do these days, but the Amber Alert GPS mobile solution coupled with AT&T’s robust network will give parents the peace of mind they need to let their kids be kids.”

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