Watch our Experts Q&A LIVE here! BWOne, Mobile Burn, Boored At Work, & SomeGadgetGuy answer YOUR Microsoft Questions!

windows 8 live tiles experts Q&AHere it is folks! The first of a new series where we bring experts, bloggers, and journalists to you!

To kick things off we’re talking all things Live Tiles! Have you been thinking about trying out a Windows Phone? Are you curious about tablets and hybrids? Are you looking at software solutions for your small business? Are you thinking about buying an Xbox?

We’re here to help! We’ll be answering your questions on the air from 8-9pm Pacific on the Youtubes!

If you’d like to skip to specific question there are links below the video!

We’ll be announcing the next Experts Q&A soon. Topic: ALL THINGS ANDROID!

The Experts this week:
Andrew Kameke from Mobile Burn – @AndrewKam
Warren Bowman from BWOne – @BWOneDotCom
Enobong Etteh from Boored at Work – @BooredAtWork
Your questions:
Should I upgrade to Windows 8 without a Touchscreen?
Best Windows laptop for battery life?
Is it worth shopping another Windows Phone other than a Nokia?
What’s better Windows 7 or Windows 8?
For Windows 7, should I use Office 2010 or Office 2013?
Is it worth buying a cheap Lumia 920 over a 1020?
Can the USB Port on the Surface RT be used for things other than mice and keyboards?
Microsoft Surface 2 or Nokia Lumia 2520?