AT&T EverThere: protecting Senior Citizens with advanced fall detection, Emergency care center calling

photo_01We’re a long way evolved from Life Call’s “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”.

Utilizing a smartphone style data connection, AT&T’s EverThere is bringing some tech sophistication to the discussion of health and personal monitoring. Each year, one third of adults over the age of 65 experience falls, many of which can cause serious injuries. EverThere brings a combination of GPS and movement tracking to help aid in the first aid response.

Like a fitness tracker, EverThere can detect movement, so in the event of a fall, paramedics can be alerted automatically. Unlike more home-based monitoring, the unit includes GPS so if a Senior family member is hurt while out and about, they location can be easily found. Connected to AT&T’s network, EverThere users can get help anywhere there’s a cellphone connection. A small, lightweight puck-like device can be worn on a chain or clipped to a belt, and the unit is battery powered for up to 36 hours.

Lastly, EverThere is an IP67 ruggedly built gadget, making it drop resistant, freeze resistant, and waterproof. It’s all about piece of mind, and you don’t want to have to worry about your emergency communication gadget getting damaged while in the middle of an emergency.

Prices start at $99 on an 11 month contract and a monthly rate of $29.99 for the EverThere service.

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AT&T Launches everthere®, portable peace of mind,

in the home or on the go

When a fall occurs, EverThere® connects to trained care center when help is needed


LOS ANGELES, Dec. 4, 2013 – At least one-third of adults over 65 in North America fall each year and this is a serious issue that often leads to many other severe and chronic concerns for older adults.* To provide peace of mind for the elderly and their families, AT&T EverThere®, a small wearable device, can detect falls and quickly identify location. EverThere will be available at beginning Wednesday, Dec. 4.

When a fall occurs, AT&T EverThere® can detect a fall and automatically connect to a 24/7 call center for response and support, using the AT&T wireless network.

This personal emergency response system (PERS) in one simple, mobile solution is durable, lightweight, easy to setup and has a rechargeable battery. The device is hands-free and allows two-way voice communication with the call center for fast assistance. The device also offers GPS location service that helps first responders determine where a fall has occurred.


AT&T EverThere® has two options for service coverage, including a no-annual contract option:

  • ·         $99.99 for an 11-month contract, with a monthly service charge of $29.99.
  • ·         $199.99 for no annual contract, with a monthly service charge of $29.99, and no cancellation fee.


Purchase of either option gives the customer an AT&T EverThere® device, a charger, a lanyard and a belt clip.

photo_10th“EverThere offers powerful and reliable technology that can monitor for falls in and out of the home,” said Chris Penrose, senior vice president of Emerging Devices, AT&T. “With the inclusion of AT&T’s nationwide wireless service, we are giving our customers greater peace of mind and the flexibility to go where they want and live active lifestyles.”

“Today’s seniors are unlike generations past; they are on the go and committed to living active lives,” said Tim Smokoff, CEO of Numera, the device manufacturer. “With EverThere, people no longer have to choose between safety and independence. We’re pleased to work with AT&T in offering seniors a service that can give them the peace of mind to live active lifestyles longer.”

EverThere will also be available to the health industry: insurance companies, healthcare providers, home health agencies and assisted living operators. “We’re focused on helping to improve patient outcome by developing innovative mHealth services for both consumers and businesses within the healthcare ecosystem,” said Chris Hill, senior vice president, Advanced Solutions, AT&T Business Solutions.

This solution is part of AT&T’s complete suite of remote patient monitoring (RPM) care solutions, including the AT&T RPM software-as-a-service and an end-to-end managed RPM service. Together, these solutions provide a foundation for full aging-in-place care.

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*Center for Disease Control and Prevention – Older Adult Falls – Falls Among Older Adults: