Another Tech Support Joke infographic from 4chan targets XBox Owner’s PCs

xboxone fake compatibility jokeLet’s just make it a rule that we don’t follow tech support advice from infographic pictures on the internet? Cool?

Following some epic pranks, like convincing iPhone owners their phones were now waterproof, sights were set on the XBox One. Backwards compatibility for our consoles is always a sticky subject. Our next gen consoles are not able to play the games of last gen off of the discs in our collection. The desire to do so though can lead people to do some rather silly things. Preying on that desire, a pic circulated detailing a set of instructions  to enable backwards compatibility. Instead following the steps in the pic hard bricked the console. Anyone else find it strange that Microsoft would include such an easy to find auto-destruct sequence? Just me? Ok.

Well now 4chan is following it up with an attempt at wrecking a few PCs. The steps outlined in a new “tech support” pic would have users cut out all the files on their C: drive in an attempt to fix their bricked XBox. Again, preying on people who are JUST tech savvy enough to find these things, but who don’t really understand what they’re doing. Thankfully this joke will probably prove less effective as Microsoft has done a much better job of protecting Windows OS files. You’d have to be an Admin, and savvy enough to disable UAC (Microsoft’s protection software), and if you could do all that, you’d probably know better. Even if you didn’t however, Windows can often re-populate the files.

xbox one joke fix infographic

Microsoft probably got tired of fielding tech support calls from folks who deleted their OS. Even I have an Aunt who once went tearing through Windows 98 and threw out a bunch of “junk” files trying to free up space on her PC.

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re smarter than the average bear. It’s that time of year where we’re often tasked with fixing family computers and tech, while doing this, how about we all sit our relatives down again and have a little chat…