Experts Q&A 02: Android Boogaloo! We’re answering YOUR Android questions LIVE!

experts round table androidROUND 2!
If you missed it live last night, our SECOND Experts round table is now available on Youtube, and this time we’re chatting ALL things Android! Your questions answered by some of the best minds on the web! Tablets, phones, OS updates, Chromecast and more!

The Experts this week:
Andrew Kameke from Mobile Burn – @AndrewKam
Warren Bowman from BWOne – @BWOneDotCom
Enobong Etteh from Boored at Work – @BooredAtWork
Russell Holly from – @RussellHolly
Tshaka Armstrong from Fox LA – @TshakaArmstrong

Links to specific questions after the jump!

Why wont my Moto X talk to my Mac?
Will there be a Google Play Edition LG G2?
Does Android REALLY Multi-task?
Should I enable ART on my Nexus 7?
Is Chromecast the way to go?
Is there a way to track or locate a lost phone with a dead battery?
Thoughts on the new GPE Sony Phone and LG Tablet?
What’s your favorite store to try before you buy?
What would happen if Manufacturer Skins were banned by Google?
RAPID FIRE, Favorite screen size?
RAPID FIRE, Best tablet for a teen under $400?
RAPID FIRE, Favorite gimmick on a phone from 2013?