Google Sheets rebuilt to better compete with Microsoft Excel

new-google-drive-sheetsGoogle is getting more serious with their office and productivity solutions.

Sheets was one area where Google Docs solutions fell flat. It was good for basic usage scenarios (my wife and I share one for our household finances), but it was severely limited for more business-grade spreadsheet needs. Limitations like 400,000 cells and 256 columns, meant it couldn’t be incorporated into a mainstream workflow. No longer. Sheets has been rebuilt. Google has the technology. It’s stronger, faster, better.

According to the video posted below, you can now work with millions of cells, with no limit on columns or the number of cells you can cut and paste. The engine driving Sheets is smoother, allowing for faster scrolling, and offline support has been beefed up a bit for those times you’re working without a data connection. 20 new functions are on board for your programming needs, and Google is including custom views to help you organize the data you’re looking at without affecting other people who might be working on the same spreadsheet.

In all, a pretty formidable update, and good timing by Google as they’ll be facing more Office enabled tablets from Microsoft next year. Hit the video for more info.