Dropbox improves folder sharing for Android app users

dropbox mobile-shared-blogpost-image-v2I’m so happy to see this.

I’ve been stuck in situations using the Dropbox app where I’ve needed to create and share folders with people, and the experience hasn’t always been seamless. Often I’d just wait until I could get to a proper computer to finish the job, but now it looks like I wont have to do that anymore. Dropbox is cleaning up the quick actions on sharing and creating folders in their Android app. If you’re burning through a lot of cloud storage on DB like I am, this should be a welcome improvement to the service.

I especially appreciate the new folder settings page for controlling permissions and user options. Greatly appreciated.

Go hit the update on Google Play! It’s only available for Android users at this time, with word that iOS should get an update soon.

(via Dropbox Blog)

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