Gadget Review: Kingston Hyper X 240GB SSD


Today we have the oh so sexy Kingston Hyper X 240gb 3K SSD. I have always used Kingston’s USB flash drives in the past, and when I received this bad boy in the mail I was super excited to get started!

Let’s start off with the packaging. The Hyper X came in this neat little well designed box. Inside the box the Hyper X was nestled in between 2 layers of a rubberized foam block along with all the other goodies in the box all neatly packaged. I opened the box to see what Kingston had in store for me. The Kingston Hyper X came with cloning software, a really cool anodized multi bit screw driver, mounting hardware for desktop towers, a case for using the Hyper X as an external hard drive, a USB cable, SATA data cable and a 3.5 bracket.

Setting up the Hyper X with the software was very easy as the software walks you through the steps of choices to choose how you want your Hyper X (External storage or Primary). I chose to clone the hard drive to be my primary. After installing the software and rebooting I noticed how fast my laptop booted, nearly cutting my boot time in half. I decided to open up Adobe Audition and record a 15 minute voice over to see how much faster this hard drive did its job.  After working my magic in Audition I noticed quite an improvement and speed in the processing and over all handling of all my programs. My laptop was like brand new and it felt like a Ferrari!  If you are looking to make your primary work station faster, the Hyper X is an awesome way to go!

021So you may be asking yourself what is the difference between a SSD (Solid State Drive)and HDD (Hard Disk Drive)? An SSD drive has no mechanical parts and uses less power to operate while using an embedded processor to write and store information while the read and write speeds are much faster and cooler than an HDD. An HHD drive has mechanical parts which uses magnetism to store data on a rotating disc which uses more power at a higher temperature.  By choosing the SSD your workstation will run faster, cooler and be more reliable for your needs.

No matter which size Hyper X you choose, you cannot go wrong! The Hyper X is a great investment for those who are looking to make their current work station faster and more reliable. I have been using the Hyper X for about a week now. I am really impressed with the products Kingston makes especially the Hyper X.

Check out the Kingston Hyper X 240GB SSD

Here are some of the specifications from Kingston’s website about the Hyper X:

Capacities1: 120GB, 240GB, 480GB
Sequential reads2: SATA Rev. 3.0
120GB/240GB – 555MB/s
480GB – 540MB/s
Sequential writes2: SATA Rev. 3.0
120GB/240GB – 510MB/s
480GB – 450MB/s

Form factor: 2.5″
Dimensions: 69.85 x 100 x 9.5mm
Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 70°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C
Vibration Operating: 2.17G
Vibration Non-Operating: 20G
MTBF: 1,000,000 Hrs


Interface: SATA Rev 3.0 (6Gb/s), SATA Rev 2.0 (3Gb/s)
Controller: 2nd Generation SandForce® Controller SF-2281
Components: MLC NAND (3k P/E Cycles)
Warranty/support: three-year warranty (KC100 features a five-year warranty), free technical support and legendary Kingston reliability

Sustained Random 4k Read/Write2:

120GB – 20,000/60,000 IOPS
240GB – 40,000/57,000 IOPS
480GB – 60,000/45,000 IOPS

Max Random 4K R/W2:
120GB – 85,000/73,000 IOPS
240GB – 86,000/60,000 IOPS
480GB – 74,000/32,000 IOPS

PCMARK® Vantage HDD Suite Score2:
120GB/240GB/480GB: 60,000

SMART Tools: Self Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology to ensure a healthy drive

Power Consumption:
0.455 W (TYP) Idle / 1.58 W (TYP) Read / 2.11 W (TYP) Write

Total Bytes Written (TBW)3:
120G: 96TB
240G: 192TB
480G: 384TB


CTSGGChristopher Trimble is a voice over artist, graphic designer and logistics expert currently residing in sunny Orlando Florida. He is currently producing and narrating an audiobook while exploring the boundaries of tech gear.

You can find Chris on Twitter, Instagram and his Official site.