App Review: Poker King Texas Hold ‘Em

037Are you a poker fan and just can’t get enough of the game? You should check out Poker King developed by Geax Game Inc. Poker King is one of the top rated poker games for Windows 8 phones, Android and iOS.

This app was very well designed and very easy to use. The graphics are very easy on the eyes and well polished.  Playing Poker King is very smooth and you can choose to play in Sit-N-Go, Tournament,  or browse tables to play at.

One of the nice features while searching for a table to play at is the option to choose the fast option. If you regularly play poker on your phone then you know how frustrating it can be when another player is taking his sweet time trying to figure out their next move. When you choose a table with the fast speed, you will have a shorter time to make your move thus making the game a lot faster and enabling you to play more games in a shorter period of time.

Poker King’s game features:

  • Live Chat while playing
  • Upload your own Avatar
  • Free daily gold
  • Lottery draw
  • Save to SD
  • Facebook connect for super fast registration
  • Over 200 virtual goodies you can gift to people at the table you are playing at
  • Sit-N-Go tournament mode



Poker King has thousands of players online to battle against to win that pot of money so finding some healthy competition should be no problem.  Poker King has no ads and it’s free! Poker King is a fun game to play and Geax Game Inc did a superb job in developing it.


Poker King for Windows 8 Phone

Poker King for IOS and Ipad

Poker King for Android


acxphotoChristopher Trimble is a voice over artist, graphic designer and logistics expert currently residing in sunny Orlando Florida. He is currently producing and narrating an audiobook while exploring the boundaries of tech gear.

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    1. Absolutely agree…don’t waste your time. Pocket A’s and one in the flop then a 27 with baby straight beats you. If you fold you’d have won, if you stay in with highest hand they’ll be sure you lose. No value in buying chips from them, they suckkkkkk

  1. Absolute Bullshit site. Don’t waste your time but especially don’t waste your money. Especially if you don’t like getting bored.

  2. No question that it is biased and not random. High hands fly by so often – every other deal we see flushes, full houses, straights – and the set ups and bad beats happen simply too frequently to be random. I suppose regular poker would just be too boring.

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