SomeGadgetGuy 2.0 – Faster, Stronger, Better

bluehost 01

Yesterday was an interesting day…

I was planning on wrapping up a few videos, maybe doing a live hangout, and I had some articles I wanted to write. Trying to log into the site, I could barely type a handful of words into WordPress without getting kicked off the server.

See, when you host a site through a company like Bluehost, they’ll set aside a certain amount of server power for you. Cross that threshold and the server will throttle your site. When I moved SomeGadgetGuy over to Bluehost, it was kind of an emergency maneuver. I never really took the time to properly optimize this site. Surprisingly even my plain, old, white-backgrounded theme was a humongous resource hog.

As the site has grown in popularity, all of that inefficient code has exponentially exacerbated those throttling issues.

No longer. I spent all of yesterday tinkering with the guts of this site, and it should prove to be leaner and faster. My server usage has plummeted, and I’m no longer getting throttled to the point of not being able to produce content. Plus, I think the simpler layout is more attractive. Black and green looks sharp, and I now have better tools for displaying photos, audio, and video.

I’ll still be playing with a few more settings, widgets, and layout options, but the core of SomeGadgetGuy is far more sound.

Thanks so much for reading, sharing, commenting, and subscribing! I’m excited to bring even more tech news and reviews your way!

-Juan Carlos Bagnell