More Apps Coming to Chromecast Soon! SDK is Available for Developers!

google chromecast tv hdmi dongle somegadgetguyChromecast is one of the most cost effective ways to start streaming to your TV, and its ingenious use of apps and services on your phone or tablet makes for a terrifically easy learning curve. If there’s been a complaint, it’s been in the selection of services compatible with Chromecast. Picks have been slim.

That should change very soon! Google has finally seen fit to release a proper SDK, so now app developers will be able to build Chromecast functionality into their offerings. The possibilities are endless. Video and audio players are a given, but what about cloud storage? Gaming? Chromecast might enable a whole new relationship between your phone and TV! And it’s cheap!

Hit the Chrome blog for more info, or grab the SDK now if you feel like tinkering.

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