Tips and Tricks: Windows Phone 8 Keyboard

WP8keyboard copyThe keyboard on the Windows Phone 8 is pretty awesome and really easy to use especially if you know some of the tips and tricks that can make your keyboard much faster. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a newbie these tips and tricks are quite helpful. Let’s dig in!


1.       Word Flow

What is Word flow you might be asking yourself? Word Flow helps predict text as you are typing. If you have a word that you frequently use but it is not in your Windows Phone 8 Word Flow then here is a simple tip in order to add it. Type your word then click to select it. A plus sign will appear so go ahead and tap it to add it to Word Flow.



2.       Emoticons

There are a ton of different emoticons for the Windows Phone 8 keyboard. One of the coolest features is the history of your most used emoticons. See that clock icon? Go ahead and tap that to see your history. Another great feature with the emoticons is a setting that will automatically switch back to letters after typing a emoticon. Here’s how you do that: setting > keyboard > advanced. Mark the “switch back to letters after I type an emoticon”. If you send multiple emoticons you may want to leave this option unmarked.



3.       CAPS Lock

There are two options for CAPS lock if you are into typing in all CAPS. Option number one is to press and hold the shift button. Option two is simply double tapping the shift key. You will notice the shift key will be highlighted if you have done this correctly.


4.       .com .org .edu and .edu web addresses

Here is a quick way to finish URL web addresses as you type. See the .com at the bottom of your keyboard? Long press the .com and a bar will show up with .org .edu and .net. Choose the extension you want and you are on your way!




5.       Quick access to punctuation

Simply long press the period and you will see a bar with other punctuation choices. Pretty simple and pretty rad!




6.       Spacebar

This is another trick for adding a period quickly to the end of your sentence. Just double tap the spacebar and viola! You have a period!

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