Photo Samples from the Nokia Lumia Icon!

After spending a week in NYC for Social Media Week, and getting to break in the new Lumia Icon, I’ve got a gallery ready to go for you fine folks!

For you Pixel Peepers, you can see the high-res uploads on this Flickr Set!

2 Replies to “Photo Samples from the Nokia Lumia Icon!”

  1. Please tell me how to make my pictures look like yours!! I have an icon and have it set on 4:3 ( 5mp + 16mp ) and when I upload my pictures don’t look digital enhanced like yours, they look like a 1st gen xsmers phone. Can you please email me with what your doing so I can try? thanks!!!

    1. Hey James. Thank you for the kind words on my shots. I wish there was some magic formula I could deliver, but honestly it’s just practice. I really enjoy taking the time to line up my composition, dial in the right exposure settings, and playing with light. I’ve been shooting for around 15 years on various different cameras, so you quickly start to get a feel for what a particular camera can do. Also, most of shots look pretty good because I NEVER post the bad pics ;-)

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