Spritz Speed Reading App to debut on Samsung Galaxy S5 and Gear 2

spritz speed reading service running on a Samsung Gear 2 smartwatchServices people! I want to see more cool services!

Phones are plenty powerful, and it looks like Samsung is helping an experimental speed reading app hit the big time. Spritz thinks they’ve got the magic formula to help people become speed reading masters.

By flashing one word at a time, and aligning them to help improve recognition, Spritz thinks their system will be not only easy to learn, but should garner results quickly.

spritz speed reading service running on a Samsung Galaxy S5Samsung also thinks there’s some merit to this system, and will be including a Spritz app on their up coming Galaxy S5 phone and Gear 2 smartwatch. Building the software into services like the Samsung Email app, it could provide faster delivery for emails and text messages.

This is the kinda stuff which does actually make me excited to see a new phone release.

More info on the Spritz Blog, where they also have a demo of the Spritz service in action.