Motorola Announces Gorgeous Moto 360 Smartwatch

*** Update: Our Moto 360 Review is now live! ***

motorola moto 360 smartwatch teaser announced (2)I try not to just gush, especially about products I haven’t actually handled yet, but following on the heels of a circular smartwatch mock up floating around the web, Motorola went ahead and did that.

Little is known about the Moto 360 right now, but this teaser vid walks us through some of the design process. It’s maybe the prettiest geek time piece I’ve seen to date.

It looks like Moto is focusing on the new Android for wearables SDK which was recently released, enabling a number of Google Now style controls and notifications. We’re likely looking at a Summer release, and I’ll definitely be looking forward to wearing one.

motorola moto 360 smartwatch teaser announced (1)