Microsoft developers receive Google’s official API

GAPI copy

This is great news for Window’s Phone 8 users and developers who miss Google’s official apps.  Back in January I wrote an article on Google VS. Microsoft.

Google has released over  50 API’s  for developers.  Here are a few that are on that list:

  • Google Plus
  • YouTube
  • Drive
  • Ad Exchange
  • Blogger
  • Orkut

Although we may never see any “official” apps from Google heading to the Microsoft Store, this does open up the door for developers to create an awesome Google app using the official Google API.

Personally I would love to see Rudy Huyn develop a really killer G+ app! If you are unfamiliar with Rudy then check out his apps. Rudy is responsible for one of the most awesome Instagram apps called 6tag!

Christopher Trimble is a voice over artist and graphic designer residing in sunny Orlando Florida. He is currently producing and narrating an audiobook while exploring the boundaries of tech gear.

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