Timex Unveils IRONMAN ONE GPS+ Smartwatch

Timex took the wraps off of their new fitness focused smartwatch.

TW5K88800Built on a partnership with AT&T and Qualcomm, the ONE GPS+ uses the incredible screen from the Toq for low battery usage and direct sunlight view-ability.

In addition to the Mirasol display, the watch also comes with 4GB of storage and Bluetooth for music playback, GPS for location and fitness tracking, and a 3G phone connection for messaging and a pretty neat SOS feature.

For many people, exercising with a phone is becoming a necessity as that’s where all your entertainment and communications capabilities are stored. The idea that you could leave with just a watch, not worry about sweat-soaking your phone, and still have the basics covered is pretty exciting.

The ONE GPS+ is currently in pre-sale on the Timex site for $400 or $450 with a built in heart rate monitor.