Review: App Trains You to Become a Better Driver

It’s rare that I find an app which instantly becomes a “must download” service for my phone. Providing a one-stop shop for all of my vehicle mileage and maintenance tracking, Dash became a mandatory service for me after about two days of use.

Connecting to your car’s computer via a Bluetooth OBDII adapter, and utilizing the sensors in your phone, Dash provides Fitbit style tracking and alerts. It aims to make you a better driver, and hopefully that will save you money in fuel and maintenance costs.

Let’s check out all the features on tap in this free app!

The OBDII Bluetooth car computer adapter I used in this video.

More info on the Dash app and service at:
Dash in the Google Play App store.
Dash in the iTunes App Store.

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  1. Nice review, but a score of 34 is really poor? I don’t know that I could drive poorly enough to get that low :-) My average is 82 after 7,000 miles. Guess you are heavy on the gas and brakes. Just messing with you. I do love Dash and it has made me a better driver.

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