Gear Review: IntoCircuit 13,000 mAh Power Castle Portable Battery

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Back in October 2014 I reviewed the IntoCircuit 11200 mAh Power Bank. Today we are looking at IntoCircuit’s 13000 mAh Power Bank.

Not much has changed aesthetically for the IntoCircuit power bank. The body of the battery has a nice brushed aluminum finish which measures 5.1″ X 0.9″ X 3.1″.

It might be a little too bulky to keep in your pocket, however it will fit nicely in your backpack, messenger bag, or purse. At the end of the power bank you will find a durable rubber face with a 1 Amp USB charging port, a 2.1 Amp USB charging port, and the MicroUSB port to recharge the power bank. Instead of a “four dot” capacity readout, you get a nice LED status bar showing your power bank’s charge percentage!

Also on board is an LED flashlight that does a pretty good job lighting up the night. The Intocircuit 13000mAh power bank comes with a nice velvet bag to keep the aluminum finish from getting scratched.

IntoCircuit’s 13000 mAh power bank uses SmartID. Not all chargers charge a device equally fast. The 2.1A charging port is capable of identifying a specific device which ensures maximum charging and speed. SmartID “knows” your device and will charge at full throttle. Another great feature of this power bank is that your device will never be under charged or over charged.


It’s time to charge some devices! I depleted my Nokia Lumia 521 battery. I was able to charge my Lumia 521 6 ½ times with the IntoCircuit 13000 mAh power bank while using the phone. The next device I charged was the iPad 4. The IntoCircuit 13000 mAh power bank charged the iPad like a champ! I had 5% battery left on the power bank after charging the iPad.

The extra battery capacity of the 13,000mAh battery comes with a size increase over the baby brother 11,200 mAh charger. Both are quite impressive in terms of quality, performance and value!

At a street price around $30, the IntoCircuit 13,000 mAh power bank is a great deal for an awesome price! Portable power is a “must have” for those of you managing multiple devices in the field, and IntoCircuit’s solution here is affordable and competitive!

Shop the IntoCircuit 13000 mAh Power Bank on Amazon. 

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