SomeGadgetGuy Youtube 360 Degree Video Test Shot on Kodak PixPro SP360!

You can now upload 360 degree video to Youtube! This will be amazing for Google Cardboard and VR headsets, but even viewing it on a phone or in a browser, it’s a really immersive way to interact with content!

Here’s a quick tour of my completely trashed office shot on the Kodak Pixpro SP360! Make sure to view this in Google Chrome or through the Android Youtube App, otherwise you’ll just see a regular wide angle video.

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Raw “square” video from the SP360.

4 Replies to “SomeGadgetGuy Youtube 360 Degree Video Test Shot on Kodak PixPro SP360!”

  1. Hi, I watched this with Cardboard and was wondering if the camera will record in the same mode (dome?) but with the camera attached to a wall or other vertical surface? I’d like to record everything up, down, left, and right and in front of the camera (but not behind).

    Keep up the good work, great site!

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