Glucose Monitoring App Coming to Android Wear for Diabetics Using Dexcom Monitors

xdrip nightwatch glucose monitor app android wearThis is a perfect example of where we can start pushing the boundaries on consumer wearable technology.

Dexcom makes medical equipment to help manage diabetes. Patients were a small sensor, plugged into their skin, which continuously monitors their blood sugar. This is a far more convenient and accurate way to get a sense of trends and to manage health than solely relying on individual blood tests on strips.

Of course there’s always room for improvement. Dexcom’s CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) sends a Bluetooth signal to a little standalone unit, which is another little gadget to keep track of and charge. What if we could send that monitoring info to consumer devices like phones or watches to get near real-time data?

Dexcom has brought an official app to the Apple Watch which displays info and graphs, but using the same general connection protocols, a developer is working on the same connection for Android Wear watches. Unofficial Apps xDrip and NightWatch pull the info from the Dexcom unit and send it to an Android Wear watch.

Once connected, users can get updates every five minutes with their blood sugar and can see daily trends displayed as a graph.

You can check out the XDrip and NightWatch projects via Stephen Black’s page on GitHub for more info.