AT&T Offers Data Perks for Taking Surveys

Screenshot_2015-10-26-07-57-49Customer data is valuable, tracking trends and brands. It’s largely how users “pay” for services like Facebook.

Lately though, a number of services have started sharing perks with customers who volunteer to share info with brands and services. AT&T recently announced a partnership with Aquto to monetize this data gathering and offer their customers additional data for their plans.

Taking surveys, watching ads, or participating with product trials will net AT&T subscribers additional data for their monthly cap. It’s similar to the Google Rewards app which awards Google Play credit for taking surveys.

Users engage through a free app, and participating can reward customers up to an additional gigabyte of data per month.

This could be a novel way for AT&T to offer up a little “profit sharing” as Big Blue has struggled in the past with other data initiatives . You can read the full press release below.

Mobile Users Have Access to New Data Perks, Brought to You by AT&T and Aquto

Oct. 26, 2015 – Aquto, a leader in sponsored data monetization, and AT&T have announced the availability of Data Perks, a free application* that allows eligible AT&T customers to discover great offers from brands and receive mobile data as a perk.

Participating customers can accumulate data and transfer up to 1000 MB per bill period to their AT&T account through the Data Perks app. They can use their transferred data during the bill period to browse, stream and more on AT&T’s nationwide wireless network.  Data Perks will initially include offers from major brands like Fandango, Hotel Tonight, Rosetta Stone and more

“AT&T is a great collaborator and brands are providing enthusiastic support for the program. All together we are offering a unique capability that will evolve the mobile experience,” said Susie Kim Riley, Aquto CEO. “Mobile connectivity has become the way people experience their lives and is critical to all economies. Our mission is to deliver mobile to the world through collaboration with operators, brands and app developers. For marketers, Data Perks offers a new meaningful currency, mobile data, with which they can reward their customers.

AT&T smartphone customers can discover great offers from these brands, sign up for trials, purchase products, and more and receive data as a reward.  The earned data is stored in the customer’s Data Perks account, and can be transferred to their wireless account. All consumer postpaid AT&T subscribers are eligible to use the application, which is available on iOS and AndroidTM operating systems.

For additional information on Data Perks, visit

*Data Perks req’s compatible smartphone with elig. AT&T wireless plan. Data rates may apply to app download & use. Data is only earned, transferred & used by the individual line registered with app. Transferred data (max 1000MB/bill period) is used & expires within same bill period transferred.  Other restr’s apply.  See for app details.