Movies You May Have Missed 018: Don’t get blocked by ‘The Five Obstructions’

Lars Von Trier is ALWAYS a trip, but this is one of his most meta accomplishments. Von Trier holds film maker Jorgen Leth hostage, challenging him to remake one of his earliest experimental short films. All the while adding barriers to try and break one of his favorite directors while celebrating his genius at the same time.

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Movies You May Have Missed was a film review podcast produced by Lee Buckley, Juan, and Marie Bagnell starting back in 2009. We focused on reviews of films we enjoyed, but which didn’t get the attention they deserved. Each episode was a spoiler free love letter to a piece of cinema. The podcast ran for three straight years, producing over 150 episodes, and at its peak was downloaded over 3 million times per month.

A labor of love, but we were never allowed on YouTube because of copyright issues. Instead it was hosted on competing video streaming sites which are no longer active, and the series was almost completely lost.

We’ve been working to restore the show. We think we might have found a good home for people who were fans of these reviews, or for folks who might appreciate some fun film fan conversations.

As something of a memorial, since the MYMHM website is now defunct, we’ll be sharing recovered episodes on this site as a fun way to wrap up the tech week.

What is your favorite film that none of your friends have seen? Have fun watching some movies!

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