Intel Kernel Security Flaw: You might lose up to 30% performance…

A terrible start for 2018 and Intel. A security flaw was discovered in Intel hardware, and the fix could be VERY costly. Depending on what processor is in your computer, you might see performance losses anywhere from 5% to 30%. Yikes. And yes, even you Mac users will be affected. Here’s the scoop on Intel’s Kernel Security flaw. Pretty sure my next PC build will be an AMD…

*** UPDATE ***

Intel press release acknowledging the issue.
Google press release detailing affected products
AMD press release explaining why AMD CPU’s aren’t affected the same way.

ARM official response to exploit on mobile processors.

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One Reply to “Intel Kernel Security Flaw: You might lose up to 30% performance…”

  1. Hey Juan,

    This isn’t a harp on you directly but please take a look at this reddit post ( that actually breaks down how this topic is being poorly reported everywhere and how that statistic of 30% performance loss is alarmist at best and targeted misinformation at worst. Not to mention that there is a very similar issue called Spectre affecting AMD and ARM chips too, so while “Meltdown” doesn’t affect the competition they’re not really in any better position.

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