How Android Police and GSMArena (and Others) Get Smartphone Audio Wrong

Tech reviewers have a lot on their plates. A smartphone isn’t a “phone” as much as it is a catch-all mobile computing platform. Tech reviewers need to be multi-disciplined in their commentary. Of course, it’s impossible for an individual to be an expert in all areas, so we all rely on assistance for subjects we might be less well versed. Sometimes we’re guided by other reviewers. Sometimes we get good materials from manufacturers to help guide our coverage. Regardless, no reviewer is an island.

In experiencing numerous gadgets throughout a career, it’s also easy to fall into patterns. We’ve encountered so much data, and observed so many trends over time, that we might not always be rationally dissecting a product, as much as we might be intuitively or emotionally arriving at our conclusions.

Smartphone audio is an excellent example of a topic which is often overlooked. Worse, when it is discussed, it’s frequently considered in a subjective fashion. “I like the sound of phone A, but I don’t like the sound of phone B.” It’s not uncommon for a reviewer’s opinion of the phone overall to influence that opinion on the audio produced. “I like phone A, so I prefer the sound on phone A.” 

Like most aspects of technology, when viewing a product subjectively, we’re more apt to appreciate the familiar, and grade a product based on that familiarity. We strive for objectivity, but hearing or seeing something different than what we’re used to will feel foreign. “I’m used to the sound on phone A, so phone B sounds wrong”.

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The BEST Screen Protector for the LG V30? Really?

Verizon’s LG V30 Curved Glass Screen Protector Review! LG fans are in a tough spot. LG makes some decently popular phones, but they don’t quite get the sales to encourage 3rd party accessory manufacturers to make things like high quality screen protectors. Is Verizon’s solution REALLY the best screen guard around? Is this really the best we can do?

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Ztylus Stinger Plus: Car Charger and Emergency Window SMASHER

Ztylus Stinger Pro review! USB car chargers aren’t super sexy tech accessories, but the Stinger Pro ads a fun survival twist. A reinforced plug, with a dual spring design, makes it really easy to pop out or shatter a car’s windshield. For folks worried about potentially being trapped in a car, $25 is a terrific price for a little peace of mind.

I might have a couple Stingers in my office at the moment. Watch the video, answer the question I ask at the end, and maybe some of these Stingers can find their way out of my office…
Shop for the Stinger Plus on Amazon

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All Three Seasons of MTV’s Liquid Television available on for FREE

The transfers are terrible. The audio is hissy and noisy. The resolution is low. The aspect ratio is old.

And none of that matters.

The huge wave of nostalgia is legit. Liquid Television was MTV’s animation and sketch showcase, providing real cable TV airtime to independent producers and animators. Often silly, sometimes trippy, occasionally profound. This was the birthplace for properties like Aeon Flux and Beavis and Butthead.

A user by the name of “MTV” has uploaded all three (poorly transfered) seasons up to It doesn’t appear to be an authorized account actually representing the (former) Music Television cable channel. The uploads are under a Public Domain license, which also doesn’t make a lot of sense from a Viacom owned brand. You might need to jump on these before they’re pulled.

I’ll always have fond memories of staying up late to watch content which felt so subversive for the time. That feeling of unease and awe. Even if you’re not a 90’s kid, you can get a really good look at indie production before we had the internet as a distribution platform.

MTV’s Liquid Television on

Happy Thanksgiving from SomeGadgetGuy

We had so much to be thankful for in tech this year. For example, you can see my five favorite phones of the year here.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. In our home, a week long celebration of cooking, and eating, and more cooking, and eating, and games, and more eating.

As always, my hope for you this Thanksgiving is that you are safe, warm, well fed, and spending time with people you care about.

Happy Thanksgiving

Tech YouTubers Talk: Is the Headphone Jack Really Obsolete? – Painfully Honest Tech

I’m a big fan of Jason Lewis over at Painfully Honest Tech. When he reached out to chat about smartphone audio, I was game to join the conversation.

I complain about the removal of the headphone jack all the time. I know it gets annoying. Sorry. But I thought I’d bring in some friends to help me work through the problem and answer the question: Is the Headphone Jack Obsolete?

feat. Dom Esposito, Logan-Tek Syndicate, Booredatwork, Juan Carlos Bagnell, Tailosive tech, Gamesky

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Movies You May Have Missed 033: Are screwball comedies ‘Better Off Dead’ (MYMHM Recovered)

One of our all time favorite screwball comedies! Nearly ever line is quotable. Looking back though, why can’t we make a wacky funny film like this anymore?

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Huawei Mate 10 Pro Review: The Beast is Now a Beauty

Spending a couple weeks with Huawei’s newest flagship has reinforced our first impressions. This just might be the most attractive phone of 2017. Over that time though, we have more to report on what it’s like to actually use the phone. The Mate name carries a reputation for power user performance. Does this phone live up to that reputation?

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