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Now Available on Amazon!
Now Available on Amazon!

Major update: Take Better Photos v1.2 is now available!

New chapters on technology, composition, and video! Tips and tricks to help you nail perfect portraits and sexy selfies! Numerous typos corrected!

We live in a world where the only camera a person might own is the one bolted to the back of their smartphone. Happily these days that’s not much of a compromise as our phones can often rival smaller standalone “point and shoot” cameras. If you’re wanting to take better pictures of family and friends, looking to improve content like blogging or video production, or if you’re looking to push your creative expression, this is the book for you!

Take Better Photos: Smartphone Photography for Noobs! is now available on Amazon!

We’ll explain technology terms, look at techniques for creating interesting photos and videos, and offer up exercises to improve your artistic skills. After learning more about composition and light, we’ll look at artistic inspirations to further improve your craft. After hitting the shutter, we’ll discuss where you can share your masterpieces online.

Packed with example shots, all taken from a variety of phones, the novice photographer will get a clear sense of what their smartphones are truly capable of. You can record the grand and the immense. You can preserve the intimate and the subtle. This will provide you the tools to take your skills up a notch.

Juan Carlos Bagnell has been producing the most in-depth smartphone camera reviews online for years, and now he’s ready to share his experiences in this educational resource.

This isn’t an iPhone book, an Android book, a Windows Phone or a Blackberry book. This is a photography book. Let’s get out there and start shooting!

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