Shoot, Edit, Render, Upload 4K Video from a Phone! #CES2018 Vlog Recap!

Yes you can produce all of your video coverage directly from your phone! Using only an LG V30 to shoot, edit, render and upload 4K video, here’s my recap on making a rig for a phone, how the phone handled editing, and what were some of my surprises in living the #MOJO lifestyle. Mobile Journalism just might be the way of the future…

Vlog 4
Vlog 3
Vlog 2
Vlog 1
CES Preview
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Net Neutrality Harms are NOT Hypothetical: An open letter to Left, Right, and Center (and most other news shows)

This is a copy of a comment I sent to the producers of Left, Right, and Center. LRC is a weekly radio show/podcast from KCRW, featuring liberal and conservative pundits calmly and rationally discussing the top news stories of the week. This was originally submitted as a public comment on the LRC website, but was blocked with no reason stated. I am re-publishing this here as a resource for folks who want more information, and a fast cheat sheet, of real harm caused by eliminating Title II regulation of the Internet. The list at the end of this post links to events where carriers and ISPs have abused their power prior to enacting Net Neutrality.

***Update 12-19-2017 – My comment was finally reinstated. This post still stands as a starter collection of links for people tired of the “Where were the harms” arguments from conservatives.

Dear LRC,

I’m a huge fan. I’ve been a listener for years, and greatly appreciate the tone of your show. Tackling divisive political topics, in an even-handed fashion, is not easy. I believe your show succeeds in this mission more than most. However, when your show falls short, I also believe it’s the duty of your listeners to let you know.

Listening to the episode Is Alabama the beginning of a ‘blue wave’ of wins?, I was thrilled that you would be talking about the recent FCC vote repealing Title II regulation of the internet. There’s been a lot of vitriol and hot headedness surrounding this topic. Your program was high on my list for outlets bringing a more level-headed approach to this conversation. Unfortunately, all we received was a rushed chat, repeating fallacy and appealing to emotion.

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Leave the Laptop at Home? Tech Travel Tips!

Do you leave your laptop at home when traveling? It’s getting more difficult to keep up with gadget restrictions around the world, but we still need to get work done while on the go. Here are some ideas to consider when trying to be productive from our phones and tablets.

More Tech Travel Tips!

Pick a Good Travel Battery!
Charge Your Phone Overseas!
The Best Bag For Your Trip!
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Vid.Me closes its doors – Is there a future for monetizing user generated video?

Competition makes all markets better. Unfortunately for internet based content creators, there haven’t been many competitive options for distribution. YouTube represents the vast majority of internet traffic for user generated video.

There are other sites to host video, but investing time in a platform is a dicey proposition if that site doesn’t stick around. Outside of YouTube, creators also might lack options for monetization.

I’ve been through numerous solutions to try and find other outlets for publishing. Mevio, Blip, and now subscribers received an email yesterday alerting us that the service will be closing its doors on December 15th. Continue reading “Vid.Me closes its doors – Is there a future for monetizing user generated video?”

How Android Police and GSMArena (and Others) Get Smartphone Audio Wrong

Tech reviewers have a lot on their plates. A smartphone isn’t a “phone” as much as it is a catch-all mobile computing platform. Tech reviewers need to be multi-disciplined in their commentary. Of course, it’s impossible for an individual to be an expert in all areas, so we all rely on assistance for subjects we might be less well versed. Sometimes we’re guided by other reviewers. Sometimes we get good materials from manufacturers to help guide our coverage. Regardless, no reviewer is an island.

In experiencing numerous gadgets throughout a career, it’s also easy to fall into patterns. We’ve encountered so much data, and observed so many trends over time, that we might not always be rationally dissecting a product, as much as we might be intuitively or emotionally arriving at our conclusions.

Smartphone audio is an excellent example of a topic which is often overlooked. Worse, when it is discussed, it’s frequently considered in a subjective fashion. “I like the sound of phone A, but I don’t like the sound of phone B.” It’s not uncommon for a reviewer’s opinion of the phone overall to influence that opinion on the audio produced. “I like phone A, so I prefer the sound on phone A.” 

Like most aspects of technology, when viewing a product subjectively, we’re more apt to appreciate the familiar, and grade a product based on that familiarity. We strive for objectivity, but hearing or seeing something different than what we’re used to will feel foreign. “I’m used to the sound on phone A, so phone B sounds wrong”.

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Decades of Canadian TV Legally Uploaded to Youtube: Degrassi, Due South, Slings & Arrows

Maybe not quite as popular as shows from the UK or USA, Canada has produced some classic television. Charming programs with fantastic casts and excellent writing. YouTube Channel Encore+ is working with several Canadian production and distribution companies to preserve some popular titles, making them freely available to all who want to watch. Personally, I’m excited to see an easy way to stream Slings & Arrows, since the wife and I are Shakespeare nerds, and this show is one of the truest (and funniest) representations of a life spent in theatre.

Other classics include Are You Afraid of the Dark, Due South, and Degrassi. Conveniently organized in playlists by show, Encore+ promises more to come. Shocking to see under 6000 subscribers at the time this post was written. Check out the link below for some excellent (and free) TV watching.

Encrore+ Playlists

iPhone 8 Plus vs Galaxy Note 8: A surprisingly close fight… – Pocketnow

While we’re waiting to get our hands on the iPhone X, it doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun with an Android and iPhone showdown! How does the iPhone 8 compare against the top premium offering from Samsung? Here’s our Note 8 versus iPhone 8 Plus comparison!

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The Galaxy Note 8 is NOT a Productivity Phone – Pocketnow #TechDebate

Is the Galaxy Note 8 a productivity phone or not? Or any Note, for that matter. Welcome to a proper debate on this topic, where YOU the viewer will deliver the verdict. Jaime Rivera and Juan Bagnell debate on whether the Note is more of a productivity tool than any other smartphone or not, and you decide in a viewer poll who was more persuasive. This is part of our Pocketnow #TechDebate series we recently kicked off, so help us out with a share, suggest some topics in the comments below, and make sure you vote in that viewer poll!

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