Former Nokia CEO to build Newkia Android handsets, restore Nokia’s “glory days”.

nokia running android newkia somegadgetguy lumia 1020Here’s the deal. It doesn’t matter how good a phone is. A single handset, or a couple of phones, the mobile phone market is viscerally competitive. Without an ecosystem surrounding your products, and an established reputation in the market, consumers will be wary. We’ve been burned too many times before. I still mourn HP/Palm for example. Poor webOS…

Anywho, Thomas Zilliacus speaks openly and candidly about his plans to form a new company to utilize Nokia talent to build Android handsets. Following a failed Nokia takeover, Mr. Zilliacus  is forming Newkia with plans to marry Finnish hardware design with Google’s operating system.

I welcome more competition, but pairing good or great hardware, even while piggybacking on Nokia’s build reputation, isn’t a sure-fire recipe for success. Any company walking into the smartphone arena has to demonstrate their ability to compete over time as well. That said, I’m tentatively very excited to play with a Newkia if and when they actually arrive.

Thomas Zilliacus on Channel News Asia, to form Newkia (video interview)

MyGlass updated to control Google Glass from Android phones and tablets.

myglass google glass app update somegadgetguyPretty straight forward folks. If you’re lucky enough to be rocking Glass, then you’ll want to update the MyGlass app. The update allows you to control Glass using your phone.

Apparently, controlling Glass through taps and head tilts isn’t always ideal, and now utilizing Glass’ screencast capabilities, you can spread out the Glass UI on an Android handset instead.

Plus there are “Bug Fixes”. So. You’ll probably want those too.

MyGlass on Google Play

Get to know the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 intimately. Samsung posts in depth intro video. UPDATED with 18 minute Galaxy Gear Video!

17 action menuYeah. Some hot, sweet, S-Pen action!

Sammy’s Youtube channel just posted this six and a half minute long video introducing the Galaxy Note 3, and spending some time walking around all the new features.

The video details the new design, the updated hardware, and then showcases some of the new quick control actions like Air Command and Action Memo. If you’ve been curious about what the Note 3 has to offer, this video should answer a lot of questions.

Click here for our full coverage of Samsung Unpacked from Berlin!


Wow Samsung! Get a room for those two!

Not to be outdone by themselves, or anyone else on the internet reviewing tech, they just dropped this EIGHTEEN minute video showing of the combo of Galaxy Gear + Galaxy Note 3. Geez… I guess  I don’t even need to bother reviewing this stuff anymore…

NVIDIA posts an EXPLOSIVE tear down video of the Shield portable gaming console.

nvidia tear down shield explosion video somegadgetguyOk.

I’m geek enough to really enjoy a good tear down video. The first computer I ever took apart was an 8088 running DOS. It’s in my blood. I like knowing what’s inside my magic boxes. NVIDIA has taken a somewhat novel approach to opening up their Shield portable gaming console (one of my favorites from this year’s E3 btw).

When they said they were going to show us an “exploded” view of Shield, who knew they would take that literally…

Funny satirical ‘Honest Cable Company’ Commercial blocked in Canada.

Oh Canada.

Apparently this video, which skewered how cable companies and ISP’s do business ruffled some feathers, and it’s currently blocked due to a defamation complaint up north. Bummer. It’s also frustrating as it calls into question how companies can silence dissent and satire using these automated copyright and defamation tools. Recently, several of my videos were flagged because I included a clip of Night of the Living Dead in them. NotLD is in the public domain, but someone copyrighted a new work incorporating part of the clip I used, but I digress.

I’ll have to save this ire for a proper rant editorial. Honestly I’m just covering this story to re-post this video which makes me laugh. That and I’m currently going through some issues with Time Warner Cable, and this is hitting particularly close to home at the moment. Enjoy (unless you’re in Canada)!

Harvard researchers craft transparent audio speaker using ionic conduction

Now the science of this is just a touch above my pay grade, but this is apparently a proof of concept for the use of ionic conductors to carry electrical charge instead of electrons. These ionic conductors can be soft, stretchy, and completely transparent, things most electronics aren’t good at doing. This breakthrough could open all kinds of doors for “soft” electronics, and as the human body uses ions to transfer information (think signals from nerves to the brain and heart), we could be looking at the beginnings of better bio-engineering. A new generation of artificial organs and limbs could be on the horizon.

As it stands now, we have one really interesting commercial application on display in the attached video. Speaker systems which are completely transparent. Might not be a ton of practical application for such a design, but I’m sure there are folks out there who would prefer their audio set up blended in with the more modern aspects of their home’s interior decor.

I guess we might see a new industry arise featuring “Consumer Ionics” instead of electronics?

(via Harvard Gazette)

(Video) Juan’s Thoughts: Why I’m Not a Fan of Bezel-less Phones…

I really don’t understand folks. Why do people want ultra thin, or no bezel phones and tablets? It looks cool. I’ll grant you that. However, it just doesn’t seem like a good idea from a practical standpoint.

Am I missing something? Will having no bezel somehow improve functionality or usability? Please leave me a comment below!

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