ASUS Debuts the Biggest G-Sync Display Ever! PG65 – A 65″ Gaming Monitor (not TV)

Tired of choosing between high resolution and refresh rates and the size of your display? Now, you don’t have to. Watch JJ Guerrero as he introduces the ASUS PG65, a 65 inch, 120 Hz, 4K resolution, G-Sync capable display that will melt your brain. It’s the best of both worlds; all the features of a high-end monitor, with the 4K resolution and size of your living room TV. Is a 4K display this size with G-Sync awesome, or overkill? (Spoiler: It’s awesome.)

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CES 2018: Aorus X9 SLI laptops and Gigabyte Aero 15 – Newegg

We had the chance to take in the sights at the GIGABYTE/Aorus booth the day before CES 2018 officially started. Between the GTX 1070 SLI X9 gaming machine and a full line of notebooks and laptops for work and for gaming, Aorus pulled out all their laptop cred and put it on the table. The GIGABYTE Aero 15 line has been updated with fresh tech, and new displays are right around the corner, so this fan favorite laptop is getting even better. Take a look at the future of laptop tech with Aorus.

On the set of Newegg Now! Our first episode went live!

Newegg Now is LIVE! Vlogging from Newegg Studios in southern California, taking a quick look at putting together a one hour live broadcast. Maybe the most nervous I’ve been to do a broadcast in years, and happily Trisha Hershberger totally saved my ass. Here we go!

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Catch the second episode of Newegg Now

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Newegg Now First Episode! Juan and Trisha talking Microsoft G.Skill, MSI, and Vertagear

In the first-ever episode of Newegg Now, Trisha and Juan Carlos share exclusive limited-time deals, discuss the latest Windows 10 updates, the newest member of the Surface family, RAM overclocking, 180-degree gaming, and what makes a good gaming chair. Episode partners include Microsoft, G.SKILL, MSI, and Vertagear.

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