Review: Slickwraps Glow in the Dark Cover for Pebble Smart Watches

I like my Pebble, but I’m paranoid about scratching it. Sure a Steel version is coming soon, but what about us folks using the plastic fantastics?

Not only does Slickwraps have a handy kit for protecting it, but we can have fun with some colors that Pebble doesn’t offer. Plus, this wrap has the unique feature of glowing in the dark. Who doesn’t love glow in the dark? Fascists. That’s who.

Let’s take a look at the Glow series Pebble cover from Slickwraps!

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1st Impressions: Hands on Pebble Smart Watch and Android App

We’ve played with the Martian. We’ve spent time with the Gear. We detailed the Toq.

Now it’s time to play with everyone’s favorite Kickstarter success sweetheart! Let’s take a look at Pebble, what the software looks like, how the screen responds to sunlight, and being soaked in water!

Is this the solution for wearing your notifications on your wrist?

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App Review: YouTube HD by Idea Creator Corp

wp_ss_20140111_0005This may be the best YouTube app for Windows 8 phones hands down. It even blows away the official YouTube app by a few miles. Idea Creator Corp went all out in designing this app. I have tried quite a few YouTube apps and was disappointed in what was out there until I found this app. The design is pretty well thought out. Once you sign in you will notice your home page and see the latest videos from your subscriptions. Slide over to the next page and here you will find live tiles that will display your subscriptions, hot videos trending, uploads, playlists, my videos, favorites, recorded and playlist all in a nice neat layout.

When you are watching videos with YouTubeHD you can actually watch them in portrait mode which allows you to leave comments while the video is playing and play video in landscape mode. There is also an option for 3 different live tile color schemes which is pretty cool!

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Pebble App Review: Blockslide 2.0 (with Battery display)

We’re only a couple days into playing with the Pebble, and we have a full video hands on coming soon, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a look at a few apps for this little wunder-watch.

With all the customization options available, the first thing you notice, a lot of the watch faces aren’t anything special. Mostly just static images with a clock pasted on top. Examining the wares at MyPebbleFaces can be a bit daunting when you first search through the site.

One of the first watch faces I stumbled upon, using the 2.0 BETA firmware on my Pebble, was Blockslide. It has a fun, almost Atari-retro look to the clock, with a date below the time. Instead of the time just updating, smooth animations slide blocks around to usher in new minutes and hours. It’s not only pleasant, but it’s smoother than I thought the Pebble capable of.

One of my pet peeves with Pebble s the lack of a stock battery indicator. Blockslide includes one via wrist flip. Twist your wrist over, and the time will morph into a battery readout for a couple seconds before sliding back to the clock. It looks cool. It looks really cool.

If you’re sporting a Pebble, this is a fun free watchface which has garnered a reaction from everyone I’ve shown it to.
Blockslide 2.0 (for SDK2) on MyPebbleFaces

First Impressions Video: The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom on AT&T

Samsung is one of the most experimental companies on the planet when it comes to various gadget form factors and features. As a follow up to last year’s Galaxy Camera, they’re expanding the Galaxy S line-up with a crazy zoom lens phone. From an optics standpoint, it looks like it might be able to give the Lumia 1020 a run for its money…

The Zoom is an interesting set of features and compromises. Let’s take a look around!

Video Tip: The Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet and USB Host Support

nokia lumia 2520 tablet usb otg host adapterNokia made an odd design choice putting a Micro USB 3.0 connector on the Lumia 2520, but we’re still able to use USB peripherals and even our old USB 2.0 OTG adapters! Connect flash drives, or even USB microphones.

Let’s take a look!

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App Review: Poker King Texas Hold ‘Em

037Are you a poker fan and just can’t get enough of the game? You should check out Poker King developed by Geax Game Inc. Poker King is one of the top rated poker games for Windows 8 phones, Android and iOS.

This app was very well designed and very easy to use. The graphics are very easy on the eyes and well polished.  Playing Poker King is very smooth and you can choose to play in Sit-N-Go, Tournament,  or browse tables to play at.

One of the nice features while searching for a table to play at is the option to choose the fast option. If you regularly play poker on your phone then you know how frustrating it can be when another player is taking his sweet time trying to figure out their next move. When you choose a table with the fast speed, you will have a shorter time to make your move thus making the game a lot faster and enabling you to play more games in a shorter period of time.

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Behind the Scenes at Loot Crate. How cool geek and gamer gear ends up on your doorstep!

It’s 11 am on a Wednesday. I’ve pulled up to a non-descript warehouse space in Pasadena, so non-descript I’m not entirely sure at first if I’m in the right place. The sign above the door is from a water treatment company. It’s not until I’ve rounded the parking lot that I see a giant black bus with “LOOTCRATE” painted on the side. Peaking inside the warehouse I see an incredible number of small black boxes stacked up, about ten feet tall, but we’ll talk about that more in a bit.

I’m here to chat with Matthew Arevalo, one of the Co-Founders of Loot Crate. Loot Crate is a subscription box service focusing on geeks and gamers. Each month, for less than $20 after shipping and handing, a small black cardboard crate is delivered to subscribers’ doors filled with various products which might appeal to the geek chic. Previous boxes have had t-shirts, candy, stickers, gaming peripherals, sunglasses, and even a copy of The Zombie Survival Guide. Matthew has invited me in to take a quick peek behind the scenes.

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