Behind the Scenes at Loot Crate. How cool geek and gamer gear ends up on your doorstep!

It’s 11 am on a Wednesday. I’ve pulled up to a non-descript warehouse space in Pasadena, so non-descript I’m not entirely sure at first if I’m in the right place. The sign above the door is from a water treatment company. It’s not until I’ve rounded the parking lot that I see a giant black bus with “LOOTCRATE” painted on the side. Peaking inside the warehouse I see an incredible number of small black boxes stacked up, about ten feet tall, but we’ll talk about that more in a bit.

I’m here to chat with Matthew Arevalo, one of the Co-Founders of Loot Crate. Loot Crate is a subscription box service focusing on geeks and gamers. Each month, for less than $20 after shipping and handing, a small black cardboard crate is delivered to subscribers’ doors filled with various products which might appeal to the geek chic. Previous boxes have had t-shirts, candy, stickers, gaming peripherals, sunglasses, and even a copy of The Zombie Survival Guide. Matthew has invited me in to take a quick peek behind the scenes.

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Gadget Review: Kingston Hyper X 240GB SSD


Today we have the oh so sexy Kingston Hyper X 240gb 3K SSD. I have always used Kingston’s USB flash drives in the past, and when I received this bad boy in the mail I was super excited to get started!

Let’s start off with the packaging. The Hyper X came in this neat little well designed box. Inside the box the Hyper X was nestled in between 2 layers of a rubberized foam block along with all the other goodies in the box all neatly packaged. I opened the box to see what Kingston had in store for me. The Kingston Hyper X came with cloning software, a really cool anodized multi bit screw driver, mounting hardware for desktop towers, a case for using the Hyper X as an external hard drive, a USB cable, SATA data cable and a 3.5 bracket. Continue reading “Gadget Review: Kingston Hyper X 240GB SSD”

First Impressions: The Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch with Mirasol Display

qualcomm toq box smartwatch wireless charge cradle review somegadgetguyIt’s in my hands!

One of the gadgets I’ve been most excited about this year is finally here! Qualcomm is delivering a really interesting smart watch solution, with a fantastic display. Also exciting, as this is the first product from Qualcomm where they’re trying to speak directly to consumers.

I’ve barely gotten it out of the shipping box, but let’s take a look at this sexy little piece, some of the set up, and a run down on the feature set!

Shop for the Qualcom Toq.

First Impressions: The Lenovo IdeaCentre Flex 20 – A 20″ inch Windows 8 Hybrid All-in-One

holding the lenovo flex 20Well this guy is a monster.

Lenovo has really embraced the idea of alternative design as it relates to Windows 8. Instead of just a basic consumer all-in-one, they’ve built out a hybrid 20″ touchscreen slate with up to 3 hours battery run time, an adjustable hinge, wireless keyboard and mouse, and table top gaming accessories.

There’s a LOT of machine to cover, so let’s get to it!

Shop for the Lenovo Flex 20.
Lenovo Flex 20 Speaker Test.

Qualcomm Toq in the SomeGadgetGuy Offices! First Impressions Video coming soon!

6tag_171213-113532 (1)I normally don’t pre-announce my videos and reviews, but I’m too excited not to share this one!

The Qualcomm Toq is on my wrist, and I’m super stoked to break it in and share my experiences using it. Part of why I’m excited is in watching a company like Qualcomm make such a direct move to interact with customers directly. Chances are your phone or tablet is using SOMETHING built by Qualcomm, but they don’t have a lot of consumer mind share.

Toq aims to change that.

My first impressions video will be posted tomorrow! Spoiler Alert: this thing is one sexy piece of smartwatch.


Review: ETON FRX3 Emergency Radio & Cell Phone Charger – Hand Crank & Solar Powered!

vlcsnap-2013-12-16-09h49m37s95_resultYou folks should know by now how much I like tech designed for active outdoorsy lifestyles, and gadgets which fulfill specific functions.

I was really happy to get my hands on this emergency radio from ETON, as I happen to live in an earthquake prone state, and it looked like a great addition to my emergency kit. There’s a PLETHORA of ways to power this little audio box: AAA batteries, a rechargeable battery pack, solar power, and a hand crank! Plus you can use it to recharge your phone!

Let’s take a look at the FRX3!

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Experts Q&A 02: Android Boogaloo! We’re answering YOUR Android questions LIVE!

experts round table androidROUND 2!
If you missed it live last night, our SECOND Experts round table is now available on Youtube, and this time we’re chatting ALL things Android! Your questions answered by some of the best minds on the web! Tablets, phones, OS updates, Chromecast and more!

The Experts this week:
Andrew Kameke from Mobile Burn – @AndrewKam
Warren Bowman from BWOne – @BWOneDotCom
Enobong Etteh from Boored at Work – @BooredAtWork
Russell Holly from – @RussellHolly
Tshaka Armstrong from Fox LA – @TshakaArmstrong

Links to specific questions after the jump!

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Hands on Review: Microsoft Surface Music Kit for Surface Pro and Surface 2

microsoft surface music kit review remix somegadgetguyYou can’t even buy one yet!

Microsoft has been sending them out in limited batches via contests, and it’s a very interesting beginning. A first step towards offering up custom hardware interfaces for our tablets and hybrids. No longer shall we be ruled by the tyranny of QWERTY!

Well then, let’s take a look at the Surface Music Kit!

Audio recording on the Surface 2 for Voice Over and Podcasting!