October #LootCrate: ZOMBIES! – I’m giving away a copy of ‘The Zombie Survival Guide’!

lootcrate zombies survive october unboxing somegadgetguy (2)I’m a little late to this party, but damn I’m glad I finally arrived.

If you’re not hip to the Loot Crate, it’s a monthly subscription geek box of loot. Each month they pack a whole bunch of cool stuff into a box and ship it to your door. Each month has a theme, but the box contents are always a surprise. Could be cool comics, movies, games, shirts, pretty much anything is fair game.

lootcrate zombies survive october unboxing somegadgetguy (3)For October and Halloween, it’s not surprising that Zombie gear is shambling out of this month’s crate. Featuring a copy of The Zombie Survival Guide and a funny parody “EWOKING DEAD” t-shirt, there are also some fun buttons, a zombie hunter license, a zombie greeting card, and Loot Crate’s monthly magazine which includes an interview with Max Brooks.

You can buy individual Crates for $13.37 + $6 S&H, or subscribe for monthly drops. A three month pass drops the price a dollar per box, and a six month pass drops each box to $11.67 + S&H. Even individually, under $20 a month for fun gear is well worth the price of admission. Getting this first box got me hooked on the idea.

lootcrate zombies survive october unboxing somegadgetguy (1)But you know folks, being the zombie aficionado that I am. I already have TWO copies of ‘The Zombie Survival Guide’, so out of this crate, I’m giving away this new copy. Leave a comment on this post before midnight tonight, and I’ll pick someone at random tomorrow. This is an invaluable guide for helping you survive then next great zombie outbreak, so get commenting.

For more info on LootCrate hit up: https://www.lootcrate.com/
Plus you can see this month’s mini-movie from LootCrate announcing the zombie theme. SURVIVE!

Review: TRENDnet Powerline 500 AV Adapter Kit – Internet Over Your Home’s Electrical Wiring!

trendnet powerline 500 av adapters home networking somegadgetguy reviewWe recently moved to a new place, and the shape of our new condo means our current WiFi router no longer broadcasts a strong enough signal to our living room to enjoy Netflix with image degradation or tons of buffering.

We didn’t want to string Ethernet cabling all over our new place, so I reached out to the folks at TRENDnet to try out one of their Powerline adapters, which uses your home’s electrical wiring to carry a networking signal.

Let’s see if the 500 AV kit managed to solve our Netflix woes.

For more info on TRENDnet products: http://www.trendnet.com/
Shop for the Powerline 500 AV Adapters on Amazon.

The New Nokia Camera App for PureView Lumia Phones – Feature Walk Through on the Lumia 1020!

nokia camera app windows phone lumia 1020I’m super excited to see Nokia combine the features of the Pro Camera and Smart Camera apps for Lumia Windows Phones. While Lumia phones often feature impressive cameras with cool features, it was always frustrating having to remember which features were in one app and which were in a different app. Now we have one camera app to rule them all!

But seriously there are some incredibly photographic controls built into this new app, allowing users to control a myriad number of exposure settings. If the camera is the most important part of your smartphone experience, and you haven’t checked out a Lumia, you’re kind of missing out.

Let’s take a look through the new Nokia Camera app on the Nokia Lumia 1020!


Video samples from the Nokia Lumia 1020 – The best camera on a phone today.

Ask Juan: How useful are 41MP pics from the Lumia 1020 when uploading to Facebook, Instagram, etc?

Quick Review: 2nd Generation Kindle Paperwhite – Amazon Improves on the Best eReader

kindle paperwhite second generation ereader review somegadgetguy (3)This is the second generation of Kindle Paperwhite. The first gen was largely heralded as being the best digital ink eReader you could buy. Not much needed to be changed or altered for the 2nd gen Paperwhite, but Amazon still found some areas to tweak and improve.

Paperwhite stands as an excellent execution of an eReader. If you’re looking at a gadget to primarily read books on, a digital ink display is critical. For years now they’ve near perfectly replicated the printed page. Digital ink is static, and doesn’t refresh 60 times a second like LCD displays do. Once the page refreshes it stays in place until you turn to the next page. This also radically reduces battery drain, as electricity is only used when turning pages.

kindle paperwhite second generation ereader review somegadgetguy (5)In terms of design, Paperwhite is simplicity at it’s finest. There are no distractions. It’s built for one purpose: reading. We’ve even given up on the illusion that eReaders also have to be MP3 players. Nope. Reading is more than enough to justify the gadget’s existence. There’s a power button and MicroUSB port on the bottom. That’s it. You should only care about the screen and what’s on that screen. No buttons or switches or rockers. End of story.

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Review: Kingston DataTraveler 6000 – Hardcore Military-Grade Encryption for your USB Flash Drive

Kingston datatraveler 6000 review somegadgetguy encrypted usb flash driveThis little guy is pretty brutal.

I used to work for a company which sold gear to Department of Energy facilities, and we dealt with a number of products designed for data protection. In this day and age though, I think we’re all getting a little more concerned with our data security. Honestly a little digital paranoia might not be such a bad thing come to think of it.

Let’s take a quick look at a USB Flash drive from Kingston which aims to lock down your information and protect it from any prying eyes should it fall into the wrong hands.

More info on Kingston Drives: http://www.kingston.com
The DataTraveler 6000 on Amazon

Review: Nokia Play 360 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (with audio quality test samples)

nokia play 360 bluetooth speaker nfc pairing android windows phone somegadgetguyNokia generally does a fantastic job of creating a whole ecosystem for their products. Getting ahead of the tech curve by releasing cases, covers, headphones, and speakers alongside their smartphone offerings.

One such example is the Nokia Play 360 portable speaker, which not only offers up Bluetooth wireless connectivity, but the ability to pair over NFC. While it features some cutting edge tech, how does the speaker actually sound?

Let’s take a listen!

Shop for the Play 360 on Amazon.

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The best comparison you’ll ever see (or hear) between a Motorola Roadster II Bluetooth speakerphone and a smartphone

motorola roadster bt bluetooth speakerphone somegadgetguyWe’re just covering all kinds of Bluetooth audio right now! Leading off with the Jawbone JAMBOX and then looking at the HMDX Jam Classic, now we’re taking a brief look at one in-car audio solution.

There are a number of ways that you can answer calls while on the road, though it seems the BT headset has fallen out of vogue, especially with many vehicles incorporating BT speakerphone capabilities standard. If your car DOESN’T have Bluetooth however, fret not, as there are some pretty terrific solutions you can clip to a visor. Specifically we’re going to take a listen to Motorola’s Roadster II, and compare it against a Smartphone to see how much of an improvement it might offer.

Marvel at my incredible pantomime abilities!

Shop the Roadster II on Amazon.

Review: HMDX Jam Classic portable wireless Bluetooth speaker

hmdx jam classic bluetooth wireless speaker test review somegadgetguyYou asked for it! I’m covering even more audio gear!

Following the recent wrap up on the Jawbone JAMBOX, we’re taking a look at something smaller, and a little more affordable. It’s tiny. It’s cute. It comes in an adorable jam jar container, and for its size it packs a surprising audio punch. Can a portable audio solution for $32 compete against some of the other “premier” solutions on the market?

Let’s take a listen to the HMDX Jam Classic!

Shop HMDX on Amazon. What’s with all these speakers being named “Jam-something”?