#PNWeekly 260: A Podcast Five Years in the Making…

We’re all a little older, a few more wrinkles, a little less hair (except for Michael’s luscious locks), but we’re all still producing and talking about tech. The faces have changed, the players have moved around, but we’re all still reporting the story. Covering this week’s top news pieces, and taking a look back, join us for the five year anniversary of this podcast.

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Explained! FCC Reclassifies Broadband as Utility, Defends Net Neutrality! We Answer Your Questions!

It was a landmark day yesterday for the FCC and advocates of a free and open internet. Two major rulings were delivered. One defending Tennessee and North Carolina efforts to build tax payer funded broadband, and the second reclassifying the entire Internet as a utility under Title II regulations. If you have questions about the announcements, Enobong Etteh from Booredatwork and I are here to answer them!

Read the FCC’s Statement on the new Broadband Internet Rules.

Tech Chat: New Cameras Announced – Samsung NX500 & Canon 5DS R!

Exciting news this past week coming from Samsung and Canon.

Samsung took the wraps off of their new NX 500 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, and it looks like the rumors of an “NX1 Mini” were true!

Also from the Canon camp, the next versions of the 5D will feature an insane 50MP image sensor, and the 5DS R will remove the low pass filter for sharper images.

I spent some time chatting about the announcement with Enobong Etteh from BooredAtWork.com, which you can watch below.

What are your thoughts on these new cameras? Will you be shopping one of these systems?

Experts Roundtable: Android Wear, Moto 360, and the future of Smartwatches!

A pair of exciting announcements dropped today for wearable computing fans. Google took the wraps off of Android Wear, the OS and UI that will be gracing many a wrist in the future. Motorola quickly followed (or maybe preempted) with the reveal of the Moto 360.

Now that Google has officially joined the smartwatch wars, let’s talk about the future!

I’m joined by a terrific panel of bloggers, so make sure to give them all a follow!

Enobong Etteh – @BooredAtWork – http://booredatwork.com
Andrew Kameka – @AndrewKam – http://MobileBurn.com
Tori Dorsey – @GlassesnGlitter – http://www.glassesandglitter.com/

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