LG V30 Review: The Media Monster – Pocketnow

LG V30 Review time! From prototype to retail unit, the V30 has been in our hands for a while now. Our experiences have largely been positive, but this launch came with some controversy we’ll need to discuss. Two months with the phone, how has it held up against other flagships? We all know that the V series are multimedia powerhouse devices, but fans of LG’s phablets have voiced concerns about losing the replaceable battery and the durability of LG’s new glass back. We should also probably talk about the display quality, one of the more controversial hardware issues of the year. Buckle up folks! V30 review is GO!

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SomeGadgetGuy on Good Day LA – Vlogging from the news room!

SomeGadgetGuy on Good Day LA! Early call times be damned! I had a blast joining the Fox 11 team in Los Angeles to produce a segment on laptops for the family!

Watch the segment: http://www.foxla.com/good-day/good-day-la-experts-and-other-guests/tech-tuesday-laptops-for-families-for-every-budget

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Recode, the iPhone X, and Institutionalized Racism: an ANGRY vlog…

Buckle up. I couldn’t hold this one in. An article was published on Recode following the release of a series of first-look videos, from a handful of YouTube channels. There’s a lot of salt, but the overall tone (and mis-characterization of these video producers) was vile. I don’t believe anyone at Recode is overtly racist, but we need to have a chat about perception and different points of view…

Archive link to the Recode article https://web.archive.org/web/201710310…

Eero Home WiFi long term review: Mesh WiFi ROCKS

Eero Mesh WiFi Router Review! We have always had issues covering our home in consistent and fast wireless data in our home when using a single router. Our dual router solution was functional, but not the most elegant solution. Is the Eero mesh WiFi system the right fit for us? Spoiler alert: yes. It’s rad.

Shop for the Eero Mesh WiFi system http://amzn.to/2iMHQom
More info on Eero https://eero.com/

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Movies You May Have Missed 031: The Sports Spectacular Double Feature! (MYMHM Recovered)

Two of our favorite guilty pleasure sports films! Are you ready for some football? One is a classic you might have missed if you’re a little younger. The other is a corny screwball comedy we totally love. Let’s play!

Shop for ‘Necessary Roughness’ http://amzn.to/2zNpirv
Shop for ‘The Longest Yard’ http://amzn.to/2ibHDrc

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TRNDlabs Nova True Wireless Earbuds: nice for the price!

TRNDlabs Nova true wireless earbuds review! As more phones get rid of the headphone jack, truly wireless earbuds are the hot new fad in Bluetooth audio. If you’re looking for a solid set of headphones which won’t break the bank, TRNDlabs has the solution for you!

Shop the Nova on Amazon http://amzn.to/2zVjYmL
More info on the Nova Wireless Earbuds https://www.trndlabs.com/product/nova-true-wireless-earbuds/

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GPS Trackers And Bluetooth Leashes: Halloween Family Safety Tech – Good Day LA

Daddy and Mommy tech I’m actually looking into for my family, the crew on Good Day LA had me on to discuss ways to keep track of your kids while trick or treating. Of course these gadgets can also be used throughout the year for the safety conscious.

Cellphone style GPS locators or Bluetooth leashes, there should be a solution here for your family.

Get the full scoop on each gadget on Good Day LA’s Halloween safety page.

On the set of Newegg Now! Our first episode went live!

Newegg Now is LIVE! Vlogging from Newegg Studios in southern California, taking a quick look at putting together a one hour live broadcast. Maybe the most nervous I’ve been to do a broadcast in years, and happily Trisha Hershberger totally saved my ass. Here we go!

New episodes of Newegg Now every Thursday!
Catch the second episode of Newegg Now https://youtu.be/dgx9MNYe8Yk

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