STM Sequel Small Laptop Bag Review – One of the Sexiest yet!

I loves me a good bag!

STM are making some of my absolute favorite tech bags right now. Durable, affordable, and with a colorful sense of style. After tackling the Blazer Laptop Sleeve and the Pocket Tablet Sleeve, it’s time to sit down with the Sequel laptop shoulder bag!

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Why You Should Upgrade Your Memory Card When Buying a New Phone (Transcend 600X MicroSD Review)!

It’s something we don’t often think of, but after using a phone for a couple years, and buying a new one, many of us will just yank out our old SD Card and pop it into our brand new phones.¬†As phones have become more powerful, we might also want to consider upgrading our cards when upgrading our phones.

Transcend sent us a new Class 10 UHS-1 MicroSD card to run a speed test!

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First Impressions! The LG G3 on AT&T – Hands on with a QHD screen Android Smartphone!

It’s time!

LG’s newest flagship smartphone boasts some incredible specs on paper. We’ve only just popped it out of the box and peeled the wrappers off? After two days, how does the phone fare so far?

Here’s our first impressions of the LG G3 on AT&T!

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LG G3 Camera Review – HD Video Test and Samples.
LG G3 Camera Review – UHD Video Test and Samples.
LG G3 Speaker Test.

LG G3 Camera Review: HD Video Test and Samples (1080p)

LG’s newest phone sports some amazing specs. We run the AT&T version of the G3 through its paces to see how the camera performance has evolved over the G2, and if that new Laser Focus is as good as LG claims it is. It’s time for our real-world test bench!

LG G3 Camera Review: UHD Video Test and Samples.
Shop the LG G3 on Amazon.
LG G3 First Impressions.

Show Name Contest! I need YOUR help naming a new segment for SomeGadgetGuy!

That’s right I need YOUR help naming a new segment here on SomeGadgetGuy! I want to do more long term usage and check in videos detailing my experiences using the gear we get to review. The problem is, I have NO idea what to call that segment! Hook up a good name, and I’ll send you a mini Kingston prize pack!

I’ll accept entries until July 13 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time, and I’ll announce a winner on Monday July 14th. This contest is open to any residents of countries which do not place egregious restrictions on shipping or contests. Winner must be a subscriber of this channel and at least 18 years of age (kids can have a parent enter on their behalf). There are no limits on number of entries or comments, but if two show names are similar, I’ll choose the person with the earlier time stamp on their comment. Good luck!

Review: Nokia’s DC-19 – 3200mAh Portable Battery Charger

Battery life is a classic struggle on our tiny pocketable computers. Sure we call them “phones”, but we live our lives out of them now, and the more we use them, the faster they die. The DC-19 is an upgrade over the older DC-16, featuring higher a capacity cell in a smaller form factor. Let’s take a look at Nokia’s newest portable battery charger.

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Samsung Targets iPhone Battery Life in “Wall Huggers” Commercial

samsung wallhuggers commercialI haven’t always loved Samsung’s snarkier spots, but this one is tickling my funny bone. If you’ve traveled recently, you’ve probably noticed this phenomenon of people crowding the outlets at airports.

As more and more phone manufacturers rush to enclose their device’s batteries in non-removable shells, I have a soft spot for Samsung continuing to provide us with removable back plates. Funny to think that the company working hardest on waterproofing and rugeddizing their phones, also continues to let consumers swap out their battery.

But I digress. Here’s Samsung’s latest assault on the iPhone. Enjoy.

Interview: Monika McMahon chats Noiselace Necklaces – Fashionable Earplugs for Concert Fans!

I got to meet Monika during my recent adventure out to the Firefly 2014 Music Festival with the Microsoft Lumia and MixRadio crews. She’s a concert and travel blogger who created the Noiselace Necklace, a MUCH more fashionable way to protect your hearing while out at shows than traditional gummy earplugs.

Noiselace Necklaces
Noiselace on Twitter
Monika on Twitter