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Review: Nokia Purity Pro Bluetooth Headphones with NFC Pairing! (BH-940)

nokia bh905 bh940 purity pro wireless bluetooth headphones nfc pairing review somegadgetguyI LOVE audio gear. Speaker reviews. Headphone reviews. They’re all good!

I haven’t tackled a pair of cans for a while, and thankfully I’ve got a MONSTER pair of Nokia cans to check out (see what I did there). One of my first gadget reviews was the wonderful Nokia Bluetooth BH-905’s, and now with the BH-940’s Nokia has added NFC pairing to their wireless headphone formula.

Retailing for around $250, let’s see if this is peanut butter jelly time!

Buy the Nokia Purity Pro Headphones on Amazon.

The Future of Amazon Delivery? Drone to door service. 30 minute local drop off!

image-gallery-02._V367569984_Amazon is pulling out all the stops in their competition with traditional brick and mortar retailers. They used to be free from taxes, but many major markets now tax internet sales. They’re currently experimenting with local storage lockers, they might single-handedly save the US Postal Service, and they’re now talking high tech.

Yup. Drone technology might be the new front in their war on package delivery times. Dubbed Prime Air, these unmanned aircraft will be capable of carrying up to a five pound payload. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but over 80% of Amazon’s shipments are less than five pounds. For customers within a Prime Air zone, packages could be delivered in as little as 30 minutes. It sounds like a great solution for those times you need a cable or memory card quickly. There’s no way I could make a trip to an electronics store and back home in Los Angeles in less than half an hour.

Sign me up!

Pump your brakes there Juan. There are still plenty of kinks to work out. Sure there’s still technology hoops to jump through, but the bigger issue is getting swarms of flying devices through FAA approvals.

Still, CEO Jeff Bezos is optimistic that we could see an Amazon Air Force relatively soon, like four or five years. Maybe on the outside chance this happens quickly, we might even see a limited trial of the service by the end of 2015.

We wont have flying cars like Back to the Future 2 promised us we’d have, but if I don’t have to leave my house for deliveries, that might be almost as good! Check the Amazon video below for more info on Prime Air.

Review: Using a Ballistic Hydra Rugged case for iPhone 5 on an iPhone 5S

ballistic hydra waterproof case iphone 5s test review somegadgetguy

There still aren’t a lot of rugged and water-proof cases built specifically for the iPhone 5S. Thankfully, the changes between the 5 and 5S aren’t so severe that you couldn’t use a 5 case on a 5S, but there will be a few compromises.

The Ballistic Hydra is ready to go! Let’s take a look at how someone might better protect their shiny, pretty iPhone from drop and water damage!

Shop for the Ballistic Hydra rugged case on Amazon.

More info on Ballistic cases at:

Watch our Experts Q&A LIVE here! BWOne, Mobile Burn, Boored At Work, & SomeGadgetGuy answer YOUR Microsoft Questions!

windows 8 live tiles experts Q&AHere it is folks! The first of a new series where we bring experts, bloggers, and journalists to you!

To kick things off we’re talking all things Live Tiles! Have you been thinking about trying out a Windows Phone? Are you curious about tablets and hybrids? Are you looking at software solutions for your small business? Are you thinking about buying an Xbox?

We’re here to help! We’ll be answering your questions on the air from 8-9pm Pacific on the Youtubes!

If you’d like to skip to specific question there are links below the video!

Continue reading Watch our Experts Q&A LIVE here! BWOne, Mobile Burn, Boored At Work, & SomeGadgetGuy answer YOUR Microsoft Questions!

Using the Surface RT 2 for Podcasting and Voice Over Recording (RT not Pro)

surface 2 audio recording mobile home sound USB microphone Zoom h4n somegadgetguyIf you’re into mobile audio, field recording, voice over, or podcasting, it’s been the dream for a while. The ability to use our consumer tablets as recording solutions.

It still hasn’t come to Android. Plug a USB mic into an Android tablet, and it’ll likely power up, but Android wont know what to do with it. Microsoft might have the hardware to offer up a solution for us mobile audio junkies. Let’s take a look at how recording works on a Surface 2, and what happens to the files you create after you’re done editing.

Weekly Tech Round Table Nov 23 – XBox Launch, Nokia 1520 & 2520, and Moto X get’s KitKat

booredatwork roundtableTime for our weekly tech round table discussion with Boored at Work, BWOne, Mobile Burn, and yours truly.

We have a spirited discussion each week talking out (sometimes debating) the top tech news stories. You can watch live each Saturday at 11:30am Eastern, but if you miss it it’s recorded directly to Youtube for posterity. This week we tackle XBox One, new Nokia gear, and Moto X getting KitKat!

Weekend listening: Our Surface 2 Speaker Quality Test

WP_20131120_17_53_09_ProOur first Windows tablet to hit the SomeGadgetGuy Test Bench!

We never did get our hands on the first Surface, but Surface 2 is ready to go! We’ll playback some movie and music samples to see how it stacks up to phones and bluetooth speakers! The audio level for our tablet tests is normalized to compare directly with the HTC One, so listen back to that test and you’ll be able to hear how the Surface 2 stacks up!

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It’s Funny Because It’s Sad, Sad Because It’s True – “I Forgot My Phone” on Youtube

i lost my phoneOver 30 million views on Youtube. CharstarleneTV has certainly tapped into a fear many of us tech-heads have contemplated.

We’re already living in a dystopian future.

At once tongue in cheek and instantly maudlin, because it’s completely recognizable.