Review: Tego Audio CERA Bluetooth Speaker (with movie and music playback test)!

I love playing with wireless speakers.

This attractive offering from Tego Audio also features a couple neat tricks not often found on our other Bluetooth audio gadgets. Let’s take a look (and a listen) to the CERA.

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FFC VLOG: Viewer Question – Will Samsung bring Image Stabilization to UHD Video?

This VLOG comes from a viewer question.
Paul F. asks:

“Will Samsung fix the Galaxy S5’s 4K video stabilization with a software update in the future?”

Well Paul, let’s take a look at the GS5, and whether Samsung will be able to do that!

Viewer Pro Tip: Transfer Apps from Your Phone to an SD Card in Windows Phone 8.1

Got a great viewer tip from the comments on one of my other videos! This is how you can move an app from your phone’s storage to a memory card in Windows Phone’s Storage Sense!

This is why I love the comments you folks post!

App Review: Files for Windows Phone 8.1 -or- How to share full resolution photos from a Nokia Phone.

File management sounds boring, but it’s a really big deal, giving us control over what pics, vids, and documents live on our phone and who we can share them with. It’s something Android users take for granted, and now Windows Phone owners have the same capabilities!

Best of all, for people using Nokia handsets, this Files app finally gives us access to the full resolution pictures on our phones to back up and share online!

Top 5 Best Non-iPhone Smartphones for Audio Playback Over Headphones!

Here at SomeGadgetGuy, we have the most comprehensive collection of speaker reviews available anywhere on the internet.

However, when listening to music, playing games, or watching movies, we often listen over headphones. This video, we’re taking a look at the best non-iPhone devices to offer up the highest quality playback over their respective headphone jacks!

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Friday Fun: How to Properly Make a Right Hand Turn in Los Angeles

For this VLOG we’re backtracking to test the front facing camera on the Galaxy S4, and helping you folks out with a diving tutorial.

If you’re thinking about visiting or moving to Los Angeles, here’s a handy driving tip for you to better blend in with the natives!

Review: Toast Real Wood Cover for the Samsung Galaxy S5 (Made in the USA)

Toast is back with another slick cover! This quirky Portland based company cuts all their cases here in the USA using renewable energy, and delivering on a unique, organic experience for our favorite gadgets.

Let’s take a look at their newest cover the Galaxy S5!

Click here for more info on Toast covers!

Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera Tip: Should You Leave Picture Stabilization on for Low Light Photos?

Samsung is doing something a little different with the electronic image stabilization on the Galaxy S5 Camera. Does it really result in better pics with less noise?

Let’s take a look!