SomeGadgetGuy in THREE-DEE!!!

I’ve really been enjoying my time with the Samsung NX30 which I picked up during their #DITCHtheDSLR event in Hollywood. It’s been a killer little mirrorless APS-C camera, and we’ve been using it recently to shoot our video reviews at 60FPS!

Well, you can’t really test an interchangeable lens camera without a couple extra lenses to interchange, so the fine folks at Samsung sent over a few for us to review, including their 45mm F1.8 3D lens!

I’m finding it’s actually terrifically difficult to share 3D files using traditional social networks, so I’ve set up a OneDrive folder where you can download the MPO files and view them directly via whatever method you prefer to use for 3D content. I’ve personally been running the files through an NVIDIA 3D Vision setup, and the shots are coming out much better than I would’ve expected for a consumer 3D solution.

Click on the folder or link below to see some of the 3D samples before we wrap up our review!

SomeGadgetGuy 3D pics and vids!

Pre-Cut “Oculus Thrift” Google Cardboard VR Headset Kit Available on Amazon

google cardboardDuring Google I/O this year, one of the biggest hits actually came by way of an inexpensive cardboard shell. Like when you buy a kid an expensive toy and they’d rather play with the packaging…

Google Cardboard is designed for developers to start inexpensively developing apps for 3D and VR. A cardboard shell sets up like an old Viewmaster toy, and it uses your phone screen as the display. It might look a bit silly, but what was demonstrated at I/O was actually quite sophisticated, with magnets for orientation and NFC tags inside to launch the special split-screen mode for your phone.

Now you can also buy a pre-cut kit from a company called Smart Exhibits on Amazon. If you don’t want to bother with all that cardboard slicing, they have you covered for $10. Though you’ll have to supply your own magnets, lenses, and NFC tags…

Just For Fun: Young Rival – Black is Good (Magic Eye, 3D Music Video)

Young Rival - Black Is Good - Magic Eye VideoIt’s not a’s a Sailboat.

Remember those stereogram “Magic Eye” posters which were all the rage in the 90’s? It caused an entire generation of people my age to get really good at going cross-eyed at a moments notice.

Young Rival is going retro, making the entire music vid out of that blurry 3D technique. I think the song is pretty decent too.

Avegant’s Glyph 3D goggles coming to Kickstarter in January!

Avegant-Glyph-BlackI’d be really happy to see more 3D headsets make their way to consumers faces next year. After playing with Oculus Rift and Sony’s 3D headset, they offer up a unique experience for watching movies and playing games. More competition in this space, especially when we can put pressure on pricing, is great.

Glyph is looking like it could be the more mobile solution for a wearable 3D display. Contrary to others making this comparison, this has nothing to do with heads up displays like Google Glass. With the eye pieces in place, immersion is the name of the game. Why the Glyph might be more portable comes down to their innovate headband design. The screens can swivel up to provide a simpler headphone mode for on the go audio. Swivel the band back down over your eyes, and it should resemble the feeling of sitting in your own private theater.

What’s interesting is watching Avegant get ahead of the social media game, announcing their Kickstarter push nearly a month before the crowd funding goes live. I like watching a company like this get a bit more aggresive in getting their message out, and Glyph looks like it could stir up a little passion in the A/V communities. The Kickstart will launch at $599 with an HDMI/MHL cable and a battery pack.

More info on Glyph:

Watch this Woman use Oculus Rift 3D VR goggles for first time on “Rift Coaster”

OculusRift1This is hysterically cute.

In the past, 3D goggles never really delivered the virtual reality experience they claimed they could. Current gen 3D tech is getting surprisingly good however, and the head tracking tech built into Oculus Rift provides for an extremely smooth experience, cresting that mind warping realism we’ve been seeking for so long.

This woman isn’t prepared for what’s about to happen on this roller coaster simulator, and that’s why this video rocks.